Extended Threat Dossier

Extended Threat Dossier

House Cadriaan

Type: Noble House

Location: Cadriaan Province, Tapani Sector

Noteworthy People: Lady Bathos, High Lady of House Cadriaan.


  • Merchant house
  • Everything has a price, even noble titles
  • Conservative Deal-makers
  • Power through monetary deals, and trade
  • Shrewd, tough negotiators
  • Never gives 100% what the other party wants, because they will always some back for more

House Mecetti

Type: Noble House

Location: Mecetti Province, Tapani Sector

Noteworthy People: Lord Bode’ Leobund XI, High Lord of House Mecetti


  • Ruthless, underhanded, and aggressive
  • Take power overtly
  • Nothing matters more than power
  • Power is theirs to be seized

House Melantha

Type: Noble House

Location: Melantha Province

Noteworthy People: Lord Bal Jaset, High Lord of House Melantha


  • Powerful, and they know it
  • Arrogant, and two-faced
  • Gain power the subtle means; covertly
  • Power through manipulation of others
  • Power through the “use” of the Empire
  • Information brokers, and manipulators

House Barnaba

Type: Noble House

Location: Barnaba Province, Tapani Sector

Noteworthy People: Lady Varin Arabella, High Lady of House Barnaba


  • Wealthy House
  • Power through social acceptance and appearances
  • Style, extravagance, and politically savy
  • Instigators, rumor-mongers, public opinion manipulators
  • Caught in the middle of the alliance between Melantha and the Empire

House Calipsa

Type: Noble House

Location: Calipsa Province, Tapani Sector

Noteworthy People: Lord Weston Warsheld, High Lord of House Calipsa


  • Own the most real-estate while at the same time, the fewest habitable planets
  • Power through hard work and turning an “honest” profit.
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ally with the Powers that be, stay out of politics
  • Parasitic, occasionally accused of being cowards

House Pelagia

Type: Noble House

Location: Pelagia Province

Noteworthy People: Lord Theux Paddox, High Lord of House Pelagia


  • A house that had lot’s of power once, before the Purge, then lost it when all the other ganged up on it.
  • Long history of Force-Sensitives and Jedis in the House
  • Gains power covertly; lies low as to not attract undue attention from the Empire.
  • Very vulnerable House
  • Strong diplomatic and intelligence network.
  • Owe a lot to House Cadriaan.

House Reena

Type: Noble House

Location: Reena Province, Tapani Sector

Noteworthy People: Lord Galen Panos, High Lord of House Reena


  • Educated House
  • Knowledge & Lore Keepers
  • Avoids politics all together

House Mendaran

Type: Minor Noble House

Location: Mecetti Province, Tapani Sector


Allie to House Mecetti.   It is usually used to do Mecetti’s dirty work in the Freeworlds.

House Adrios

Type: Minor (very) Herglic Trade House

Location: Freeworlds, Tapani Sector


Once a mighty trade house during the height of the Herglic Trade Franchise, now a nearly powerless house.   Allied to anyone who is willing to pay them

The Great Council

Type: Sector Government Entity

Location: Planet Procopia-

The League of Tapani Freeworlds

Type: Sector Government Entity

Location: Planet Tallaan

The Freeworld Common Navy

Type: Military Organization

Location: Freeworld Region

The Mining Guild

Type: Galactic Trade Syndicate

Location: Galaxy-wide organization allied with the Empire.

Merrick & Kalb Industries

Type: MegaCorp

Location: Reena Province, Tapani Sector

Macander Heavy Ores

Type: MegaCorp

Location: Planet Alleron

Gantor Mining Company

Type: MegaCorp

Hanson Mining Consolidated

Type: MegaCorp

Location: Planet Neona

Conglomeration of companies that rule Neona

Palegon Aquatic Components Corp

Type: MegaCorp

Location: Planet Palegon

Affilliated with House Pelagia

Tampson Consolidated, Inc.

Type: MegaCorp

Location: Planet Javis

Affilliated with House Mecetti

Lanthe Artifice

Type: MegaCorp

Location: Planet Gilliana

Affiliated with House Cadriaan

Data Equity Management, Inc.

Type: MegaCorp

Location: Planet Procopia

Xizor Transportation Systems


Alleron Trade Cooperative

Type: Planetary Government

Location: Planet Alleron

Alien Species


Population Concentration: Planet Lamiur


Population Concentration: Planet Mrlsst


Lord Alander Berellion

CEO of Mecetti Millenium Enterprises & Lord to house Mecetti

Lord of High Lord Leobund’s Privy Council, in some circles considered second only to the High Lord in power.

Gredarian Sullumar

Information Broker and Pirate

Key figure in the underground of Tapani

Annora Calandra

Mining Guild Auditor

Suspected Chamber member, she is a key figure int eh torpedo sphere plot.

Dr Arkeld

Mrlsst University Professor

Suspected JAN member, another key figure in the torpedo sphere conspiracy

Lord Vaskell Savill

Lord to House Melantha

A player in the torpedo sphere conspiracy, very powerful

Losk Tenchi

Claim Jumper

JinJur Tomas

Mining Guild Recruiter

Carill Benton

CEO, Data Equity Mgmt., Inc.

The Empire

Sub groups: Imperial Intelligence, Imperial Security Bureau, and Imperial Secret Police


Moff Laird Gustavu

Imperial Moff of the Tapani Sector

Tapani Sector

Spec. Agent Brak Dunell

ISB Special Agent

Tapani Sector

Major General Tessala Corvae

Imperial Army Major General

Tapani Sector

Captain Lin Nunsk

Imperial Navy Captain

Tapani Sector

Flagship, the ISD Gauntlet

Criminal & Secret Organizations

Nok Cartel

Pirate Organization

Tapani Sector

The Mecrosa

Secret Assassins Guild

Tapani Sector, Mecetti Province

Allied with House Mecetti, this group is only rumor and conjecture.  Also rumored to have connectiosn with the Sith.

The Archive

Secret Information Guild

Tapani Sector, Reena Province

Mysterious Information gathering organization of House Reena

Justice Action Network (JAN)

“Rebel” Terrorist group

Tapani Sector, HQ on Mrlsst

Highly fanatical terrorist group that takes a more active role against the Empire, claiming the Rebellion isn’t doing enough.

The Chamber

Order of New Hope

The Fellowship of the Broken Sword

Ant-Mecrosa Cadre

Tapani Sector

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