Advanced Star Frontiers Timeline

Advanced Star Frontiers Timeline


The early history of the J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties is begins with a species known as the J’Vaar.  Little is known about the J’Vaar, although most believe that they were a species that spawned from the ashes of the Tetrach Societies.  The Tetrach Societies are assumed to be a once great galactic authority made up of a collection of races also referred to as the Tetrach Elders.  Of all the races that have connection to the J’vaarian species, the Torani have the closest link.  It is thought that a vast majority of the species of the Dominion are a product of J’Vaarian genetic engineering.  Some suspect that the races were slave races of the Tetrarch Elders, left behind for the J’vaarians to watch over, forming the First Supremacy of J’Vaara.  What the J’Vaarian’s didn’t plan on was revolt..

J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties Timeline

9000 pf

Across known J’Vaara space, the “Child” Race Revolt begins.

8100 pf

On the J’Vaarian homeworld, the “Child”  Race Revolt destroys all J’Vaara.   Genetic Engineering and Bio-warfare from the Revolt form sub-species of the New races, who are then isolated from tehir once great empire.

7300-6100 pf

From the ashes of the J’Vaarian Supremacy, the “child” races of the Tetrach Elders arise.  Many are lost to the far
reaches of the galaxy, while others begin to repopulate their own systems and find many of their lost colonies. Those that expand in the area that later becomes the Sovereignties are the following: Torani, the Skaniis, the Candronian, and the S’Saran.  These are referred to now by Sovereignty historians as the Big Four.

6100 – 5300 pf

The Child Race Expansion or the Big Four Expansion: Within 800 years of each other, each of the discover FTL flight, and begin to establish their own regions of space.  First encounters and clashes were inevitable.

5990 pf – 5750 pf

The Brethren War:   During the Torani Expansion years, contact is made with the Tor’Drani by outer Torani colony. The Tor’Drani were a nomad race similar to the Torani, an obvious genetic off-shoot of the Torani, or vice-versa.  Beginning of the Brethren War over this issue. They approach the colony in large Habitat Fleets, and they immediately clash.

The Brethren War ends suddenly.  Torani populations on the outer worlds are nearly wiped out.  Without any explanation, the Tor’Drani cease their assault and leave the sector in the Home Fleets.

5220 pf – 5370 pf

The Expansion Wars: The final centuries of the Big Four Expansion ended in wars between all four races.  Skaniis took the most losses in the end. Finally, a peace agreement between all parties establish the J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties.  An area known as Disputed Space is called the J’Vaarian Core, where no single sovereignty can occupy.

The Supreme Directorate of the J’Vaarian Sovereignties is established and meet on the new capital world of Neos, in the J’Vaarian Core. All world governments and their colonies surrender sovereignty to the Directorate, while the Directorate allows each to form their own Sovereignties. Beginning of the Sovereignties Expansion and end of  the Big Four Expansion.

4600 pf – 4500 pf

First Sovereignty Uprising: Uprising and civil war within the Sovereignties nearly collapses the J’Vaarian Dominion.  During this time of war, first contact is made with several other “child races” of the J’vaara.  The Sovereignties of the Utoran, the K’Dasi, and Wen’tri are established, which fuels more civil war.

4500 pf – 4000 pf

Prosperous times: After the last of the insurgencies are squelched, the Sovereigties experience the longest period ever sustained with little incident.  This period of time is often referred to as the Prosperous times. All Sovereignties expanded outwardly without interfering ith each other.   Threat were jointly extinguished, and in short time. Wars were months in length. However, prosperity often comes with price.

3999-3900 pf

First contact between the J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties and the Karidian Collection, which is followed up swiftly by the Dominion-Collection War.  It ends with the total collapse of the Karidian Collection, with only a few remote colonies surviving.

2500 pf – 2400 pf

Second Sovereignty Uprising: More Civil Wars against the Directorate causes the end of the First Sovereignties Expansion.  The Rebellion is crushed but at a high cost.  The Dominion of Sovereignties enters a era of near-collapse, called the Dark Times.

2000-1400 pf

The Dominion of Sovereignties recovers from Dark Times, and all soveriegnties recontact their colonies.  The Second Dominion Expansion starts.

1450 pf

On Earth, joint UN-NATO police actions through out Earth lead to a formation of the United Nations Federation, a merger of the two organizations.   The UNF annex many of the policed countries. Leaving its UN membership, China forms an Asian Alliance against the UNF.

Earth corporation gain power, as sovereign nations’ power begin to collapse under their pressure.   Soon, it seems the mega-corporations are in more control of than the UNF and the Asian Alliance.

1400-1200 pf

First Terran Expansion: During these years, Terra colonizes its solar system, establishes numerous space stations, and discover FTL flight,.  Near by Star Systems are then colonized.

1320-1300 pf

High Colonies War: After a bitter three way war, the UNF, under the control of the mega-corporations, as well as the Asian Alliance and the High Colony Alliance (alliance of space stations in the Sol system) establish the Olympus Mons Agreement, which forms the Terran Imperial Expanse.

1300-1200 pf

Start of the First Era of Terran Imperialism.   The Terran Expanse, with no regard to what societies or cultures they disrupted, aggressively colonize nearby worlds. Terran force many “undesirables” to relocate to remote worlds.

1260 pf – 1249 pf

First Contact between the Terrans and the Karian Orb, leads into the  Terran-Karian War.  A species of extremely aggressive simian creatures, steal technology from the Terran humans and start a long and brutal war on their homeworld, and spreads to other Terran Colonies.  It ends with Terrans pulling out of the system, and declaring it off-limits to colonization.

1246 pf -1239pf

Terran-Glemmie Wars.

A seemingly unintelligent species of gigantic lizards known as the Glemlidarians are enslaved and the Terran Imperial force them into genetic and cybernetic modifications. They are used Heavy Weapons units.  They suddenly start showing intelligence, and rebel against their masters.  The war ends with what is assumed as the last unit of   “Glemmies” destroying itself on a Terran remote colony.  Many of the units were assumed lost or self-destructed.  No sign of the Glemmies were seen again.

1190 pf

First Contact between the J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties and the Terran Expanse.

1185 pf – 1140 pf

Dominion-Expanse War:  A fierce war where no side gains ground year after year, until the Dominion of Sovereignties makes a last ditch effort to take the Sol system.  The war ends with the near destruction of the Terran Expansion Fleet.  Terra is reduced to a smoldering cinder.

1139 pf – 478 pf

The Great Collapse:  The strain from the Terran war, and continued internal stress as renewed dissident factions arises, brings the collapse of the first Dominion society.  A new Dark Times befalls known space.

480 pf – 300 pf

The Rebirth: Star Flight is re-established by the species of the old Dominion. Representatives of the Torani, Candrosian, Urtoran, K’Dasi, and S’saran meet in deep space to organize the new J’Vaarian Dominion.   They are joined by the Tor’Drani, and the Wen’tri.   Solidification of a second J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties begins a new Sovereignties Expansion. First contact between the Halogai’ and the Dominion, yet another lost race of the J’vaarian. Halogai’ agree to be a client entity of the Urtoran.

2 fy -5 fy

Halogai’ Uprising, which turns out to be more a political battle than a military one,  brings the Halogai’ in as members of the Dominion of Sovereignties.

91 fy

First contact with the Frontier-Rim Coalition

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The Alliance Years

91 fy

First Frontier/Rim contact with J’Vaarian Dominion of Sovereignties in Daladan Remis. Expedition from CDC met with Dominion of Sovereignties Human Confederacy.

95 fy

Diplomatic relations are held on Polomegan between the Frontier/Rim and Dominion of Sovereignties. Starting out peaceful, the Dominion of Sovereignties continued to push the Frontier to become a part of the Dominion of Sovereignties, while the Frontier wanted to stay independent.

97 fy

Talks between the two factions tense up. Rim representatives become moderators.

110 fy

Dominion of Sovereignties recognizes Frontier independence.

112 fy

Zebulon University Research reveals the Frontier is the last remaining element of what the Dominion of Sovereignties refers to as the Terran Expanse Outer Colonies.

116-135 fy

Third Sathar War or Siriusian-Sathar Union Expansion War starts. An alliance of the Frontier/Rim and the Dominion of Sovereignties is formed.

125 fy

Discovery of Sathar homeworld. Dominion of Sovereignties Main Fleet in joint effort with Task Force Prenglar, detonates homeworld star, destroying system after a bloody battle.

129 fy

Remaining Sathar factions, realizing racial extinction, withdraw from the war.

134 fy

Siriusians Main Battle Fleet defeated in White Light Nebulae.

135 fy

Siriusian leader surrenders on board the Super Mother Ship Daqu’Te Oron to joint military staff of generals from the Frontier/Rim/Dominion of Sovereignties Alliance.

136-160 fy

Economic growth of the Alliance powers begins with a long period of economic depression (Dominion of Sovereignties’s Second Dark Times). The old corporations arise from the ashes and begin the rebuilding.

155 fy

First joint Frontier-Dominion of Sovereignties mega-corporation established: Remis Warmachine Manufacturers in Daladan Remis.

166 fy

Recognition of the non-terran humans from Na’Zhadanti, the Nazodani. It is found that there are a few humans in the Alliance (Rim-Frontier-Dominion of Sovereignties) with non-terran genetic traits.

168-169 fy

The development of hi-tech cybernetics begins. Many corporation begin to develop and produce public-use cybernetics. Many corporation in the Frontier arise from the new fast selling market: Cy-Co, Cyborg Inc., Remis Cybernetics Development Co., etc. War-Tech has a special branch for specialized cybernetics weaponry.

170-177 fy

Frontier’s First Expansion. Seven of the most prosperous years that the Alliance has ever seen leads to an increase in covert corporate operations. New systems are discovered with plenty of mining and research opportunities. Each corporation wants a bigger piece of the action. The Corporate Control division of Star Law begins to lose control as more and more violence becomes less and less covert. Small skirmishes break out everywhere between corporate enforcers. The need for enforcers and the need for skilled labor induces the vast hiring of professionals who “can hold their own” among the corporations (any professional that can also handle weaponry). They become known as “Corp-Grunts”. These wars continue until it the expense forces a halt to them. Through the diplomatic power of the Council of Worlds, treaties and laws are brought up to divide the new systems. Very few of the new systems are settled because only a few had habitable planets.

177-178 fy

With the increase in resources, the UPF increases their Spacefleet capabilities. The development of improved drive systems makes the UPF Spacefleet a formidable navy.

179-182 fy

The Mechanon Wars- The remaining Sathar-agent Mechanons rallied several revolutionary factions in the Mechanon society. After acquiring a few transport class starships from the pirates, they invaded Zebulon and Truane’s Star, catching many by surprise. Planetary militia managed to hold for a while, but the Mechanons learned fast. Using new tactics, they gained considerable ground in those systems. Because this was considered a local problem, the Spacefleet didn’t immediately help out. Corporations did all they could, but the Mechanons introduced a new tactic that only they could execute. The Mechanon’s new warrior class, the Evolved, proved to be a formidable force. Using new tactics, the Mechanon’s Thir-Canon Class almost gained total control of the computer network in each system, crippling everything. Finally, the UPF Spacefleet steps in and completely annihilates the Mechanon fleet.

183 fy

Among the new systems discovered, evidence is found of the Terran Expanse. There was also some evidence that the Terran Imperials had encountered other alien stellar empires not yet known by the Alliance. Two races were noted to be distinctly similar to the Wen’tri and the Halogai’-Bengradi.

184-186 fy

Economic recession strikes the Alliance but with little damage. Some of the new systems are abandoned.

187-191 fy

The Modli’an Regime of Tyranny- In 187 fy, a particular fanatical and charismatic Yazirian, Tak’abin Modli’an, was elected into the office of the Executive Secretariat, Chair of the Council of Worlds. In his short term in office, before his violent overthrow in 191 fy, he took a radical attitude towards corporation enforcers. It seemed he had some sort of vendetta against the corporate mercs as he passed law after law putting an extreme choke hold on the enforcer profession. Many enforcers died or mysteriously disappeared. People began to plead to the UPF Military, but it seemed Modli’an had control of the military. Rumors were circulated that he was a very powerful mentalist, and controlled all the people he needed by mind-control. Finally, a group of highly trained enforcers from a coalition of corporations, and factions within Star Law violently overthrew the tyrant’s control, but never captured Modli’an himself.

192 fy

War-Tech Genetics/Cybernetics Division on Alcazzar in the Rhianna system, announces the development of a new genetically engineered super-human, the Sauron. They also announce the future development of an army of these super-humans, and a specialized Cyborg Sauron. They guarantee that the Saurons are under the full control of its owner, and they are completely dependent.

193 fy

Problems arise on Alcazzar as Saurons begin to revolt.

193 fy

First Kzinti-Alliance contact. A lost Kzinti Warship is found by the Dominion of Sovereignties Star Arm Nova Flare Class Battleship Hellenia Nox and her four Escort Class Destroyers on the edge of the Urtoran Sovereignty sector of the Dominion of Sovereignties. A battle arises and and results in the destruction of one destroyer and the disabling of two others. The Warship is destroyed, but not before the warship identifies itself as a Kzinti Warship in a strange language the battleship’s computers later translate.

194 fy

Kzinti patrols are found cruising around the Halogai’  and Bengradi sectors of the Alliance. Dominion of Sovereignties Star Fleet and UPF Spacefleet are sent to investigate at the request of the Halogai’ Elder Council and the Bengradi people.

194 fy

First Alliance-Khalian Contact. Khalians attack and ravage Alliance corporate transport freighters in the Wen’tri sector of the Dominion of Sovereignties. A large group of freighters carrying various loads of minerals and supplies escorted by a small group of Alliance warships are savagely attacked by saber-toothed weasel-like creatures, who strip the ships of everything useful. Computer analysis of the security tapes left on the ships translate the squeaky language and identify the strange race as Khalia. No Alliance survivors were left in the attack.

195 fy

Start of Alliance-Kzin Wars(195- ): War breaks out between the Kzin Empire and the Alliance after Kzinti Warships attack the investigating Alliance Fleet Heavy Cruisers Star Runner and the Hedon Lin. Kzinti claim “They were in our way…” and called all Alliance races inferior to the Kzinti-kind. They also made it clear that it would be honorable just to die at the hands of such a superior race.

195 fy

More incidents with the Khalia start to worry the Alliance. Ships are stolen, whole crews are kidnapped, and several million credits worth of cargo is stolen.

196 fy

Sauron Revolution on Alcazzar. After the development of several thousand Sauron supermen and a few hundred Cyborg Sauron, the Sauron revolt with incredible intensity on Alcazzar. War-Tech officials do not give any explanation for the sudden independent actions by the Saurons. Commentary from the War-Tech President says, “Apparently they have developed self-awareness on their own, and an extremely high level para-military society.” After the revolution, they claim Alcazzar as their home planet, and announce their plans to conquer the Frontier, and to enslave the inferior races, particularly the human population in support for the survival of their race.

196 fy

Start of Alliance-Khalian War(196- ). Khalian: Warships (stolen and modified with stolen material from all over the universe) invade the Wen’tri sector of the Dominion of Sovereignties, claiming the Wen’tri colonies as former Khalian colonies. The evidence they use is the incredible similarities between the two races. Unknown to the Alliance, the true reason for the Khalia invading that sector is completely different. They have targeted the Wen’tri as the perfect slave. The Alliance mobilizes a task force complete with a large complement of land forces, to defend the pacifist Wen’tri.

197 fy

With communications completely cut off from Alcazzar, the UPF is unaware of the incredibly swift development of the Saurons on Alcazzar. Saurons, after converting the War-Tech facility on Alcazzar, build starships of all classes with remarkable speed. In response to the revolution, UPF mobilizes a task force to “stomp” out the threat of the Saurons. That same year, the UPF loses that task force in an incredible battle in the Rhianna system. In a show of unmatched prowess, the Saurons sweep past the task force, leaving no survivors.

Khalian warships begin to target Tor’Drani Homefleets.  Many lower caste fleets are taken and hundreds of thousands of Tor’Drani are enslaved.  The Tor’Drano turn to their Torani brothers for help.  By mid-year, Torani Star Corp’s Fifth Fleet patrols the borders of Tor’Drano space.  Battle of Kortil’Lan – The Fifth fleet escorting the Tor’Drani Home Fleet Kortil’Lan meet and engage with what seems to be a Khalian main raiding fleet entering Candrosian space.  For the first time, a Khalian fleet is turned back

199 fy

Star Wolves are discovered in a mining system of asteroids near Solar Minor, called Dalitriart.


After acquiring more starships through the Pirate Alliance, Saurons attack the outer edges of the Gruna Garu, destroying the outermost defense perimeter.


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