Airship Forever Night’s Return

Airship Forever Night’s Return

This is an airship that I built for my Titansgrave game, on a side adventure I sent the players.  A cult that longed to return to the Endless Night built it out the the wreckage of a Chaos era attack aircraft/shuttle.  Living in the wreck was simple-minded Orc, Uga.  He was found living in the nose gun of the wreck, pretending to fight the battles of yore.  They could not pry him from his position and did not have the heart to kill him.  Instead, they restored the nose gun to its glory while building the airship around it, and now Uga’s home is a devastating weapons as well.  When the airship is deployed, crew can hear the Orc asking “Uga Boom Now!” as Uga waits in anticipation to fire his guns.

This craft is about 80% trash terrain.  The only things I bought were the woodies for the rails, engines and such as well as the foam core board, the netting for the balloons, and the wires for the rigging.  I am most proud of the nose gunner “Uga Boom Now?” as well as the propellers.  The propellers are from old model WWII planes I had when was a kid.  The models are long lost but the I kept the propellers for some reason.  Some don’t match up but that gives it some charm.  The “engine core” is a part from a Skylander Giants McDonalds kids meal toy.

I wanted a nose gunner, so I took this light bulb shaped plastic bottle, dremeled it some, and used some 40k bits for the guns. But I wasn’t sure about a gunner. Then I remembered I had one of these mage knight orc dudes riding a buffalo just like the one shown. Replaced his arms with some 40k arms and with a simple repaint, I have a gunner. The bottle got cloudy because I used acetone to get that print off. It’s ok though because I wanted so me age to it.

The balloons are made from 2 liter bottles, and much of the extras (guns and stuff) are from Warhammer 40K bit lots I bought from Ebay.   The frame was from some packing foam that friends in my game group gave me.   It was from a huge monitor and I threw away more than I kept.  But one section did some together for form a good aircraft shape.  Using my hot-knife, I trimmed it down to something that could handle the decks.

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