Titansgrave Campaign Ended

Titansgrave Campaign Ended

After over a year of gaming, some tumultuous changes in party, some expansion to the world and campaign, I decided to bring it to an end.  I had two players depart after the start because they were not working out, and subsequently bringing in a couple of players not long after that.  Others popped in and out at times as well.  The campaign itself is more like a plot point campaign of Savage Worlds, so there was a lot of additions I decide to bring in.  I wanted to amplify the tone of Chaos returning to the world, stealing from Warhammer by making Chaos a demonic force worse than evil.

The overall campaign is well written but I did find a few editing issues.  Additionally, it was written with Wil Wheaton and friends in mind, and I honestly believe it shows you how out of touch Hollywood types are from regular “fly-over” country people.  Who wants to ring in an RPG session?  And then alternative is swearing?  REALLY?  Sorry that is ridiculous.  The writer commonly focused more on the whimsical and the gimmicky rather than fleshing out the campaign, character or setting.

I like the setting.  I just wish it was a little more fleshed out.  It basically came down to a fantasy world with veiled elements of sci-fi in it.  I am sure the new companion will do that.  I hope the expand on the races, the ruling factions, technology, and more.  I found myself creating my own social structures, towns and customs along the way.  Of course, that is intended in ha setting like this but I would like to see where they plan to take it.


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