Physical Description

Torani Warrior

Descending from a canine-like Child Race, the Torani are a furred humanoid creatures with a tail. Most are similar to the terrestrial canine species, resembling a red fox, although their colors might vary based on their pack. They have a pack mentality which has now grown into a complex political structure. (See below for Political structure). Torani were once purely carnivorous but have grown omnivorous through time.

Average Size: 1.65 m
Average Mass: 58 kg
Average Life-span: 190 yr.
Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 38 degrees C

Historical Details

Where the Torani and the Tor’Drani originated is still in question, however, most believe the J’Vaarian bio-genetically created them from a species of animals native to J’Vaara. The J’Vaar were, of course, then killed off in a series of genocidal civil wars. The Torani homeworld, J’Vaara (in the J’Vaara System), was a sight of destructive atomic, and chemical wars for centuries. This continued until the planet was rendered uninhabitable. After peace was declared, an effort was made to re-colonize the other planets in their system. Scientific growth prospered among the Torani, with the development of genetic and psionic engineering. Telepathy was proven to exist, and the first psionic Torani was born. Since then, all Torani have had a tendency to some level of Psi power.

The Torani are one of the founding races of the present J’Vaarian Dominion, and the Supreme Directorate.


Except for an extended sense of smell, the Torani’s senses are the same as Human’s.

Speech and Languages

The Torani have the ability to speak Pan-Gal Common and J’Vaarian Basic, but also have some languages within their race.

Ancient language of the Elders, used in religious and other traditional ceremonies.

The language of the Higher Packs, the ruling Noble Packs of the homeworld.


The Torani are friendly to most Dominion races, except the Humans, because of the Dominion-Expanse Wars. They are considered by the Torani as barbaric “monkey men”.

The Torani know very little about the Dralasite or the Vrusk, and approach them with respect and interest. They don’t respect the Yazirians, considering them relatives to the Humans. The Humma are considered their mammal brothers, the Ifshnit are considered pests, and the Osakar are approached with hesitation because of their appearance.

The Torani respect power, and loyalty to ones duty and ones pack or noble house. Like their terrestrial equivalents, the Torani are very sly and deceiving. Their political structure represents centuries of evolution around those two aspects of their society; deception and the honor of the pack. Above all, loyalty to the noble pack is important.

The Torani have a hard time gaining trust from the other species, because of their deceitful ways around politics, but they are the more powerful politicians in the region. They gain power through stabbing their foes in the back, while smiling at them all the way. However, because of their honor, they are at times very trustworthy. It’s just hard to judge when they are being honorable and when they are being conniving.

Social Structure and Standards

They are definitely very social beings. The Torani basic social unit is the monogamist nuclear family. These families are members of a noble packs, and the packs are structured in a complex nobility political organization . Each centers around their own specific goals and routes of gaining power. The females of the pack and family tend to run the society, with the males being the lower sex. Males tend to be less deceitful then the females.

Pack Determination and Naming

The Noble Pack is the central social structure of the Torani. The family serves the noble pack; working to honor the Elders. To determine what pack a character is from, roll on the following chart or with the GMs approval, the player can choose his/her own pack. Each pack has been traditionally better at something than other, but not all members of that pack do that one thing. They all have a conglomeration of occupations and interests.

Noble Pack Table

Roll 2d10Pack Name (Translation)Social FactorNotes
2-3Sha’ir Niar (Night Thunder)10Ruling pack. Rules with strength of will. Got to the top by out-conniving the other packs. Perhaps the most deceitful of all the packs
4-5Tarla Orsi (Life’s River)9Once the ruling pack, politically ousted by Sha’ir Niar. Seeks revenge against them.
6-9Sha’a J’lera (Death Wind)8The darker of the packs, the population is dominated with psionic talented members. They are the best assassins in Torani society.
10-11Usir Niartim’li (Storm’s End)8Originating from the sea-faring Torani, they are traditionally the pilots and navigators of their society.
12-13Shla Shlior (Steel Sword)7Originating from the mountain dwellers of the early Torani, they are the larger, more physically powerful of the Torani
Niar (Lightning Strike)
6Originally rain forest dwellers, these are the societies best hunters.
16-18Tak’Lat’Tiar (Steel Ice)6This pack, traditionally having a lighter coat than most Torani, stemmed from the northern and southern most areas of the homeworld. They are the best explorers an survivalists.

On a roll of 19-20, the character is one of two things:

(1) A member of a far less significant (Social Factor1d6-1) pack. The lesser packs align with one or more of the major packs. The player can name his own pack, but must roll again on the chart above 1d3 times (or pick) to determine allegiances. Rolls of 19-20 count as no allegiances. If in the end, no allegiances are made, then the pack is a fledgling one, just starting out in the power structure of the Torani society.

(2) A commoner, with no pack alliances. They have the least honor in Torani society, and are considered as low as Tor’Drani. They receive a -5 social modifier.

Social Factor – The Social Factor determines the level of honor the pack is considered to have, with 10 being the highest honored, and 1 being the lowest. The higher the honor, the more political power and influence the pack has. These points are modifiers to a Torani character’s LDR & PER when in Torani society. (Write it beside the attribute pair.)

Torani are named in the following way: Gender Identifier or Noble Title, followed by Given Name, followed by Noble Pack Name. The gender identifiers are as follows: Ors=males; Orsa=female. Titles range for Knights/Dames to Dukes/Duchesses to Lords/Ladies (translated, of course). The mother’s Pack is the family pack. Fathers are brought in from minor packs aligned with the major pack or on occasion, from the commoners.

Racial Abilities

Short Range Telepathy– The Torani can use their Telepathy in three ways: (1) To communicate with an intelligent being. (2) To read surface thoughts in an intelligent creatures mind. (3) To read the creatures memory of his past. Telepathy: Characters (Torani Short Range) Level [1d3] . They receive a +1 CS when using it with another Torani, otherwise they receive a -1 CS.

Fur Armor- Most mammalian species have 5 points of natural armor (For Impact Type Damage Only) because of their fur.

Claws– The Torani have a +5 Points of Damage Modifier to their punching score when the PC specifies that he is going to scratch.


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