Totem Vision (Empathy)

Totem Vision (Empathy)

Dark Conspiracy: Mystic Power

A use of Dimension Walk (Astral Travel), Animal Empathy, and Project Thought (Possession)

Prerequisite: Totem link and a Trance Required.

American Indians of legend talk of going into a trance and traveling in the guise of their totem animal, such as a hawk, and seeing through the totem’s eyes. In fact, it is possible for a mystic through a special combination of Astral Travel, Possession and Animal Empathy, to see through the eyes of a chosen animal.

First that is required is totem link, which refers to the process through which a mystic connects to his chosen totem animal species. This can be any animal native to the mystic’s home world or dimension. This process involves spending a full 24 hours in the presence of a member of the species, and making a successful Difficult: Animal Empathy skill. Once the link is established, it can not be broken until death. The mystic has a link with that particular species alone, and can not have another. This choosing process is also important. It may depend on just the players general feeling or it may depend on a tribal totem. Finding a member of this species to be in the presence of for a full 24 hours is also a long and arduous process (unless of course the player takes the easy way out and goes to a zoo)..

Now that the link is established, the player can use this link in several ways. The primary use is in the case of empathically linking to a pet or a wondering creature that happened upon the mystic, and using this animal as a scout. First the mystic must enter into a Trance, then he must roll a successful Animal Empathy roll, dependent on the circumstances as normal. The animal’s overall disposition toward the mystic will also affect the difficulty level. If the creature is unaware of the intrusion, the difficulty is unchanged. If the animal is hostile toward the group or feels threatened in any way, the difficulty is one level higher. Once the connection is made, a Project Thought (Possession) roll must be made, versus the same difficulty as the Animal Empathy roll, to direct the Animal to scout where the mystic wants. The possession does not give the mystic 100% control of the animal; only enough to steer the animal in order to see what the player wants to see.

Another use is for the mystic to use the totem as a scout that is located somewhere remotely or far from the mystic’s current position. The mystic would have to find a totem animal in the area by first entering the Astral Dimension (standard roll for the situation) and then a Formidable: Animal Empathy to locate an animal in the area he wants to go. It is required that the mystic player first know where he is going. Once an animal has been found, the player follows the above process for possessing a totem animal.

This can also be used for most Beasties although can not be used for darkling animals. This discrimination is up to the GM.

Animal Empathy

Task Type Difficulty Skill
Total Security Easy Animal Empathy + EMP
Relaxed Average Animal Empathy + EMP
Normal Stress Difficult Animal Empathy + EMP
Great Stress/Combat Formidable Animal Empathy + EMP
Incredible Stress Impossible Animal Empathy + EMP

Astral Travel

Task Type Difficulty Skill
Unhurried Easy Astral Travel + EMP
Normal Average Astral Travel + EMP
Hurried Difficult Astral Travel + EMP
Emotional Upset + 1 Level Astral Travel + EMP
Violently Emotional + 2 Levels Astral Travel + EMP

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