Specialization: Treasure Hunter (Rogue)

Specialization: Treasure Hunter (Rogue)

Treasure Hunter are a special breed of ROgue that delve deep in the catacombs and tunnels of ruins long forgotten to uncover their secrets.

Class:  Rogue

Requirement: You must have Intelligence and Perception 2 or higher. Historical  or Arcane Lore.

Novice: Treasure Hunters pick up bits and pieces of information about artifacts and lost civilizations throughout their travels and adventures, and they frequently can recall one single clue they heard years ago to solve a piece of the puzzle. The Treasure Hunter may add +2 to any Intelligence checks made regarding archaeology and treasure hunting.

Journeyman: Novice benefit increases to +3.  A Treasure Hunter becomes adept at noticing the small discrepancies in walls and floors that signal a secret door or passage. When passing by or searching for a secret entrance or panel, the Treasure Hunter gains a +2 bonus on all Perception (Searching) or Perception (Seeing) checks to detect hidden passages.

Master: Journeymen benefit increases to +3.  At 2nd level, the Treasure Hunter can predict the kinds of traps that ancient civilizations put in their burial caverns and religious temples to protect their valuable relics. When actively searching for traps, the Treasure Hunter gains a +2 bonus on his Perception (Searching) check.