Triad 81 Station

Triad 81 Station

Trade Station in orbit around Rupert’s Hole

Cassadine Development Corporation, CDC, began the terraforming of Rupert’s Hole after it was abandoned as a mining colony by Pan Galactic, early in the megacorp’s history. The planet was very receptive to the Terrafroming efforts. When it was discovered that the ground was a fertile treasure just waiting to be taken advantage of, it wasn’t long until CDC had a strong hold on Rupert’s Hole. It became one of the primary sources of food and agricultural industry in the Frontier.

The United were a people searching for a home. They were found by CDC lost on the far edges of the Frontier. Realizing the United’s skills in agriculture, CDC gave them an offer they found impossible to refuse; a home. CDC gave them exclusive rights to the planet and how the agricultural industry was going to be run. The subsidiary company , United Agriculture was formed as a result.

No investigation suggested into where the United came from, or whether they were really just human remnants of a lost tribe, or maybe something more. Recently, though, because of strange occurrences on the station and some unexplained deaths, the question has arisen, but only quietly and only when not in earshot of one of the United.

Triad 81 act also as one of the major bridge-ways from the outer worlds of the Frontier to the Central ones. As a result, many Non-United come in and out of the space ports. This has caused the United to section off specific parts of the station as United only; no Non-United allowed. These areas are strictly enforced by the United Inquisitors; an elite team of religious guardians; of sorts. CDC was forced into accepting these as station security, giving them quite a bit of freedom on decisions about security matters; what was a security risk, what was not. The planet was out-producing all others of its kind; United Agriculture was the largest producer of raw agricultural product in that sector. Any undue aggression by CDC would be considered a violation of the original agreement. This could bring about dire consequences.

United/Triad 81 Station Law: Psionic Inhibitors

As part of the agreement between the United and CDC, the use of psionic powers is highly restricted on station and planet.  All visitors are given a visitors collar, which secretly acts as a psionic inhibitor.  All psionic or telepathic abilities are suppressed and suffer a -15 CS.

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