Alien Species: Trog

Alien Species: Trog

Alien race submitted to me by one of my players, handwritten.  I transcribed it here but I apologize for not remembering which player it was that submitted it to me.


Physical Appearance & Structure

Trogs are stocky humanoids with large square jaws and protruding canines.  They also have large pointed ears.  They have green skim and red pupils in their eyes.   Trog have a male and female gender and there is a sub-gender within the males – called the Catalyst males – that is required for reproduction.  only 1 in 1000 males born are Catalyst.  Catalysts tend to have mental abilities.

Male Trogs are completely hairless.  Catalysts have facial hair and females have hir on the top of their hears.  Hair color can be just about any color of the rainbow, as well as white and black.

Average Height:  2.1 m, but they tend to slouch to an average of 1.8 m.

Average mass: 90 kg (male), 70 kg (Catalyst), 80 kg (female)

Average Lifespan: 150 years

Reproductions: Heterosexual, viviparous

Body Temp: 35 degrees C


Trogs senses of hear, smell, taste and touch are equivalent to humans.  Because trogs developed from cave-dwellers often cut off from the sun for years at a time, they have developed dark vision.  In all respects, their vision is identical to a Yazirians.  They have also developed an innate sense of direction.


Trogs have no trouble speaking Pan-Gal, Yazirian, Human and Humma languages.  Their own language is a combination of human-lilke sounds, grunts, growls, and snarls.  The Trogs’ names for themselves in their own language is unpronounceable to humans.

Society & Customs

Trogs developed on a world with a thin ozone layer, allowing more radiation to strike the planet. Because of this, life developed on the surface but quickly migrated to the more shaded, planet-wide network if underground caverns and tunnels.  Because of this, Humans have dubbed them Troglodytes or just Trogs.  The Trogs were divided into several warring clans, each competing for the limited resources of the planet.  Within the past 1000 years, the Catalysts have banded together and developed into a priest-like cult. They refused to Catalyze anyone unless all warfare stopped and all decision-making powers were turned over to them.  There was some resistance, but most cooperated.  Since then, great strides in technology have been made.  Currently, the Trogs have been experimenting with primitive interstellar travel.


Normal Trogs are large brutish individuals with a love of fighting and a disdain for weakness.  They get along with Yazirians and have made great friends with the Hummas.   Catalysts are smaller, weaker and more civilized than standard Trogs.  Most wear robes or symbols of their order and status.  They are on better terms with most races.

Special Abilities

Dark Vision – Like Yazirian, they can see in low-light well but require sun glasses in normal or bright light.

Radiation Resistance – Trogs are highly resistant to radiation and only take 1/2 damage or it only has 1/2 effect on them

Directional Sense – Trogs can sense the magnetic fields of a planet and determine what is North, South, East and West.  They can always tell what direction they are going.  In space, their DEX/RS suffers and -20 penalty, as does their INT, unless there is an artificial induced magnetic field built into the ship.

Racial Modifiers

 Normal  Catalyst
STA/STR +15  -5
DEX/RS  0  0
INT/LOG -5 -/+ 20
PER/LDR  -10  -5
Walk 10 10
Run 40 30
 Per Hour  5 km  5 km

Typical NPC

 Normal  Catalyst
 STA/STR 60/60 40/40
 DEX/RS 45/45 45/45
 INT/LOG  40/40 45/65
 PER/LDR  35/35 40/40
 PS  6 4
 IM 5 5


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