Trump is the best thing to happen to feminism

How about that for a tag line!  That’ll get the snowflakes a-fluttering.  I only write the occasional rant because I have a thought and the only way I can completely flesh it out is write it down.  I imagine in my head, if I were to call into a certain conservative radio talk show, what would be my point and how would I explain it.  This idea popped into my head  when I was thinking that very same thing while watching the news today.  And I really do believe this is true.

My first thought was how the left claims that the election of Trump has empowered the Alt-Right, white nationalists and even the fascists.  Thus we have Charlottesville and all that.  That was on my mind because I saw this video from Prager U on Youtube.

By some strange association now, because Trump did not condemn the Alt-Right just the way the Left wanted him to, they call Trump a white nationalist, Alt-Right member and even a fascist.  Couple this with the fact that he replaced our first black(ish) president who was a extreme leftist to the point of a statist and that’s their case in a nutshell.  While I don’t believe he is a white nationalist, I do believe he used nationalist rhetoric to get where he wanted to and that did fire up these fringe movements.

But if this makes Trump a white nationalist, fine.  Then to illustrate absurdity with absurdity, Trump is equally a feminist.  Or perhaps just the best thing to happen to feminism and the women’s movement since suffrage.

The next part of this thought came from this morning while watching the news.  I love watching Hollywood implode on itself.  All these new sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and rape charges being thrown around at directors, actors and journalists. I keep falling back to my firsts thoughts when I heard about the off-mic comments made my Trump about Hollywood woman and “grabbing their pussies.”  While everyone else was whining about his statements, accusing him of actually doing the thing is said (with no evidence that he actually did), I am thinking “Isn’t this less about him and more about something endemic in Hollywood?  Shouldn’t those celebrities screaming about this ‘locker room talk’ really be looking in a mirror?”  And now they are?

One of the first people to bring this underground culture of Hollywood was this feminist nutcase Ashley J, who was also at all these anti-Trump women’s marches earlier this year, all of which were partially (at least) ignited because of the “pussy” comments.  I am glad they are finally looking in the mirror.  They finally did what I thought they should have done and really looked at this subculture Trump exclaimed about in that conversation.  And they are all bringing down one after another, the perverts that work in Hollywood for the sole reason to have access to these desperate actresses in their most vulnerable moments and take advantage of them.  Let the purge begin!

So my point stands!  If Trump is a white nationalist because he empowered such groups after his election, he too is a feminist because he has empowered women of Hollywood to finally step up and purge Tinseltown of these perverts and reprobates.

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