Tselex “Nox” Nocx, Dralasite Tech (Mad Scientist)

Tselex “Nox” Nocx, Dralasite Tech (Mad Scientist)

Home Colony: Truane’s Star

Born into a Developing Culture: This is a culture that is making great strides to improve itself technologically, socially, and morally. This Dralasite colony rapidly arose from a post-Sathar War barbarism to return to modern society.  Its governments favor those that offer representation of the peoples’ interests. Its people are aggressive, have a good self image and a desire to make things better for themselves and their children. These people often place substantial emphasis on the moral concerns of technology development.

Born into a Comfortable family: Nox’s family was middle class of their culture.  Nox was born in a religious creche – communal child-rearing, second of six siblings.  This particular religion was oppressed by the local leaders.  Many of this particular fringe culture were kept and contained in ghetto-like neighborhoods.  Despite this oppression, the creche community prospered.  The head of creche – the chief – worked hard for the community and had one primary occupation which is performed full time and a secondary occupation which is performed on a part-time basis.

  • Sibling 1 – Oldest – Medical Doctor: Specialist  employed by an outside patron.
  • Sibling 2 – a high priest within the religious creche.  This sibling claims to hear voices in his head.  However, due to his devotion to the retligion, this sibling  untimely death, killed by the religious zealot leaders of the Creche as a martyr.  It was revealed that this sibling was involved in several criminal factions embarrassing to the creche, including a relationship with one of its leaders.  He was murdered because of this relationship.
  • Sibling 3 – Cybernetics technician.  Nox saw this sibling as a rival, because he was jealous of his talent.  It was a friendly rivalry.
  • Sibling 4 –  Cook.  During a terrible accident, the sibling was killed! Medical science returns the character’s body to life and he remains in a coma state.
  • Sibling 5 – Manager for the restaurant Sibling 4 cooks at.  This sibling joined the creche late in life, was originally from a different culture.  His culture had access to technology that is banned by the world government (perhaps Sathar tech left over from the War).

During Nox’s childhood, a religious fanatic took over the creche, which in turn caused the government to isolate the group.  However, Nox’s creche leaders resisted the despotic and evil ruler who in turn banishes them. After 8 years, the ruler’s liege overthrows the evil ruler and the Nox’s creche parents are not only pardoned, but are honored for their role in the despot’s demise.

During adulthood, Nox and some of his crech decide to travel. For 5 years, they travels to an alien planet.  On a particular remote chemical ice-ball where the surface is entirely composed of frozen ammonia and methane (No breathable atmosphere), Nox made contact with an intelligent alien being – Aerial bird-like creature with wings. This creature is a native of this world. and has been undiscovered until now.  He warned Nox of a great danger of a coming doom – the Overlords of Beyond are returning to take their domain back.

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    These crystals are fascinating technology. How they got here is a wonder! They are definitely not native. Nox cannot wait to get these in a real lab and try to grow them himself.

    One small item that Nox has kept secret since they have been on Volturnus is exposure to this world has caused everyone some side effects. It does not appear to be detrimental yet but Nox admits he does not know everything about this world. This side effect is that everyone now has a growing number of crystalline particles in their blood stream that get more and more, the longer they stay on this world. The more local food and water they drink, the more microscopic crystals appear in the blood stream. They all seem dormant and unresponsive to mentalist manipulation (he’s tried). So he’s not overly concerned.

    Recently memories of his family and home world have been coming back up in dreams. The radical religion that took over his creche and it’s symbol keep appearing in these dreams.