Tyranoid Defensive Bio-creature “Screamer-Killer”

Tyranoid Defensive Bio-creature “Screamer-Killer”

Iasked the SW Mailing list to present me with a challenging creature.  This is what I got.

It’s loosely based off of a nasty genetic creature in Warhammer 40K called a Carnifex.  If your party is really advanced or really weak you may want to upgrade its stats or downgrade them.  It should really scare them though! When you are done running the adventure I’d really appreciate it if you’d post the creature to the list and also what it did to the party.  I have attached a picture of the Warhammer 40K creature for your reference information


[Genetech Defensive Prototype A26-346]

A large, hulking beast with amazing speed, the Tyranoid or Screamer-Killer as it is called, haunts the salvage yards and the Dark Zone of the Korad planet.  It was a genetic defensive monstrosity created by the Genetech labs to defend their installation when everything went wrong.  It shattered its force cell and killed the technicians, slicing its way through the secret underground base, carving holes in the hull plating walls with its massive forearm blades.

In it’s destruction it activated the bases null shield, causing a bubble of frequency jamming and sensor blanketing to fall over the area. The Tyranoid still wanders around the area, hunting the small wildlife and the occasional person who wanders into the dark reaches.

The Tyranoid may see the characters approach and stalk them until the vehicle breaks down, forcing them to walk onward.  Then when the characters are most vulnerable, probably enclosed in a tight passageway or in between rows of junk, it will attack, bowling over anybody and letting loose with it’s force scream.  Anybody that still stands after the scream will then be charged, the Tyranoid trying to impale them on it’s forearm blades.

You should really build up suspense as it stalks them, having them make regular perception checks and have them hear noises and debris shifting as the screamer-killer runs and jumps over things around them. They may even have to go into the old labs to find the parts they need, and you can have them find the bubble generator, and let them shut it down (which would make the Tyranoid attack immediately).  They may not be able to kill it naturally, and may have to escape (which is unlikely due to it’s speed!)  But you could have a network of tunnels leading back to the town that it could chase them through (like in aliens).

Tyranoid (Screamer-Killer)

Type: Genetically Constructed Killer

Dexterity: 4D

Dodge: 6D

Melee Combat: (S) Forearm Blades: 9D

Running: 7D

Strength: 6D

Jumping: 7D

Special Abilities:

Forearm Blades (each of its four arms has a long genetic blade.  It can

attack the same target with all four with no penalty, or two separate

targets at +1D)

They do Str+3D damage each.

Armor: +2D protection against physical and energy attacks.

Force Scream: An innate force ability, the Tyranoid can scream a blast of pure force energy at targets in front of it in a 90 degree arc.  It had ranges and damages, which are different for force sensitives and non sensitives (it being force energy hurts sensitives easier.)

Force Scream

Sensitivity of target       Range/Damage

Non-Sensitive                3m/6D  6m/4D  10m/2D

Force Sensitive             3m/8D  6m/6D  10m/4D

Note that this is a special attack, and armor cannot be added to str rolls because it is not a physical blow.  It does special damage (as seen below), and droids are immune to it’s affects (no ears).  Any species with enhanced hearing takes double damage, and species with out hearing take 1/2 damage (there is still a wave of force energy).

A stunned result leaves the character helpless for 1D3 (1D6/2) rounds

(huddling on the ground holding their ears).

A wounded is like stunned but for a full 1D6 rounds.

A inc roll or better knocks the character out.

A killed result bursts the characters eardrums, and knocks them out.

Ears must be replaced (cyber or regrown eardrums in a bacta tank) before the character can hear again.


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