Urtoran (Savage SDF)

Physical Description

Descended from huge land mammals resembling large bears, the Urtoran are tall furred mammalian humanoids resembling a merging Earth bears like the kodiak and the grizzly. Their coats vary from black to brown, and they are usually quite large. Their coat lighten as the Urtoran get old and they are one of the longest lived species of the region.

Average Size: 3.25 m
Average Mass: 225 kg
Average Life-span: 350 yr.
Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 36 degrees C

Historical Details

The Urtoran homeworld, Urtor, is human normal in every aspect except its gravity is 1.28G Gravity. Urtoran evolved not unlike the humans, except in one peculiar aspect. Huge planet-wide wars never occurred, although there has always been fierce competition between clans. Eventually, and relatively a lot sooner than the other races, the Urtoran developed a world government and soon had a respectable stellar nation.

Because of their religious influences, they adhere closely to a religious philosophy of non-violence against their own kind, and resort to violence against other species only when necessary. So planetary wars were even more rare for them. However, any attempt to seize territory from them was met with the fiercest of resistance.


All Urtoran senses are the same as human.

Speech and Language

The Urtoran can speak Pan Gal Common. Their racial languages are as follows: Ka’ Tagari – With the hero image of the Urtoran being a warrior bard, the language of historic and grand poems and long heroic tales, is Ka’ Tagari. Hemlin’ass – Religious language of the Urtoran. Za’arna – The common language of the worlds of the Urtoran Sovereignty.


Urtorans, among many other things, are one of the most social beings in the region. The Urtoran are one of the most friendly and least aggressive race in the sector. They center around leisure, pleasure and physical strength. The Urtoran value intelligence, spirituality, honor, and courage. They accept all species from the sector as equal. Urtoran are very philosophical and religious, always searching for a meaning in things and circumstances. However, the pursuit of meaning never interferes with ones obligations, and honor, but is at many times, the subjects of long sonnets.

Social Structure and Standards

The Urtoran society is very philosophical and religious. There is no common religion however, but all believe in some form of a monotheistic doctrine and all the religions teach tolerance of the others. Some would describe them as warrior monks, warrior bards or rogue poets. Some view their society as refreshing, others would view it annoying and boring.  Their hero image is the warrior bard. Music and art are prevalent their society, closely linked to their religions.

The Urtoran society is not unlike the human society, with the nuclear family as the basic unit. Each nuclear family belongs to a clan. The clans answer to the regional authority, and so on. Their basic governmental structure is a democratic monarchy with some influence from the predominant religion.

Although the Urtoran are peaceable and non-violent a majority of the time, they are not without their limits. Should one of these lovable teddy bears be pushed over these limits, he will attempt to emulate a warrior bard, and rip his taunter into bloody shreds and be prepared to sing a suitable epic describing the entire incident immediately after the blood has been cleaned off.

Names common to the Urtoran

Clan name: Gadaran, Garal, Grag’ha, Gar’ak, Grendri, Harask, Grala, Noran. Given Name: Gorag, Hemsli, Hendral, Immus, Taren, Telgar, Vulkron, Waragan

Racial Abilities

Regeneration (+1): Once per day, the Urtoran have an ability to slip into a deep sleep and recover from injuries. It may make a natural Healing roll during this time.

Edge: Berserk (+1): Urtorans gain the Berserk Edge.

Natural Weapons – Claws (+1): STR+d6 damage. He doesn’t count as an unarmed defender.  However, these claws can only be used as a weapons when they are enraged (Berserk).

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