V – the new series – has my interest

V – the new series – has my interest

I may have to make a new icon for V because it has my interest. It has just enough of the old and along with new twists that it has my interest. But this kind of serial series has to keep my interest, by giving me a satisfactory episode every few weeks. Lost was like this and it just about lost me (pun intended). I have decided not to watch Fast Forward because I do nto want to be drug into another series like Lost that keeps you stringing along.

V the new series has the potential of really deeloping the plot surrounding the Visitors while dealing with inter-resistance politics. I like what they did with the “5th Column” by making them Visitor deserters that live amoung us already. I like the whole “Visitors have been with us a long time” part as well. I also like blaming all the troubles we are seeingon alien subversion. Some people have even said that it is Anti-Obama and if so, I am all for it.

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