Background: Player’s Aid #1 – Valkana History Notes

Background: Player’s Aid #1 – Valkana History Notes

titansgrave3World setting: Valkana

Titans Grave takes place on a world called Valkana.  It is world of both magic and technology.  Much of the world is defined by events in its history.  SR in the time line stands for Solar Reckoning, an very significant point in their history (see below).

Pre-history: An ancient alien civilization terraformed Valkana and seeded it with life.

-1200 SR: The Ancient World.  The rise of the first civilizations.  Elven and Saurian Empires dominated the lands of early Valkana.  They subjugated the other races – Dwarves and Orcs.

-500 SR: Ancient Wars. The start of the ancient wars between the elves and saurians.

-350 SR: Rise if the Saurians.  Saurian empires (and their servitor races) defeat the elves, who retreat to hidden sanctuaries.  Technology flourished during this time.

-275 SR: Orc Civil War.  With war all but a thing of the past, the orcs grow restless at their menial task jobs.  The orcs rebel, the dwarves fight for the saurians and the saurian empire is torn apart in civil war.

-200 SR: Cataclysm.  While the flames of war engulfed all of Valkana, the storm of cataclysm befell the world suddenly. No one knew what caused it but destruction engulfed the planet, sending everyone who survived underground.  This begins what is called the Endless Night, a total darkness that enveloped the planet.

1 SR: Solar Reckoning.  The sun comes out and the Endless Night is lifted.

1-990 SR: Rebirth.  Civilization is rebuilt.  Saurians and elves resurface to find new denizens of Valkana – humans, beast-folk, gnomes, and halflings.  No one knows where they came from, but the saurians and the elves were forced to share their world.  Humans aggressively reproduced and established most of the new City-states.  Magic awakened during this time, elves being the most talented at it.  Technology and Magic flourished during this time, often in combination with one another.

990 SR: Rise of the Prophet.  A saurian female named Dhawan rose up and preached about the abomination that is the merging of tech and magic.  By this time, it was very prevalent and she began instilling a fear in society about it.  She preached of a second Cataclysm that would befall Valkana unless more people fell into her beliefs.

999 SR: Chaos Wars.  Followers of the prophet and those that opposed her clashed over a 100+ year war that devastated the world once again. During this time, some more advanced tech city states suffer from a cyber attack called the Data Plague, paralyzing their data information systems and robotic infrastructure.  

1115 SR: End of the Chaos Wars. The Prophet is defeated.  Valkana city-states arise from the ashes.

1450 SR: Present day.