Vigo Billberry, Halfling Rogue

Vigo Billberry, Halfling Rogue

Vigo Billberry, the Halfling rogue and tech was unique from birth.  Born in the northern islands, his creche was part of a nomadic seafaring tribe that some called pirates, others called scavengers but he called family.

Talents, Mutations & Modifications: Select Personality traits on Personality Trait Check.  Exotic Personality. Allergy. An Unusual Medicine. Could be Experimental or even alien medications. Subtract/Add 1d6 points from an attribute. Charisma Penalty

Talents, Mutations & Modifications: Character has a psionic power. Determine the ability on Psionics.

Technoculture: Culture: Developing Culture. Social Status: Comfortable. Commoner.

Birth & Family: Legitimacy: Legitimate Birth. Family: Creche. Communal child-rearing. Born twins, twin died

Place of Birth: Home: Colony at the fringe of civilization., near the water.  Islands. In a field (out in the open, not in a building)

Parents & NPCs: Occupation: Head of household does not have a readily apparent occupation of any kind. When money is needed, it just seems to be available.

Events of Childhood: Character runs away from home and wanders the world, one step ahead of the authorities, living by wits.

Events of Adolescence: Family gives the character a hunting lodge estate with {1d10} square miles of property on a distant island.

Events of Adolescence: Other Land Events: Volcanic Island. Other Land Events: While the character is on the island, the local government changes, going from a free and open society, to one of repression and oppression. The character is imprisoned as an enemy of the state. It takes {1d3} years for diplomatic channels to free him.

Imprisoned! Medium security work camp. Character participates in a prison uprising. The character leads the uprising and the uprising succeeds. {1d10} guards are killed but the character escapes. The character continues to lead {1d6} low-ability NPC followers. Those followers have since been found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Other Land Events: Fanatic followers of a local religion overthrow the government. Unbelievers are rounded up and imprisoned in make-shift camps. The character is caught up in the fervor of this people’s belief and willingly joins them. Using captured watercraft, the true believers take their faith to the seaways. After {1d3} years with the followers of the religion, the character finds himself isolated from other believers to fend for himself on a strange island. The character were captured by pirates and deprogrammed.

Significant Events of Adulthood: Following a whirlwind romance, a fateful event (or circumstances resulting from it) ends that romance on the day the character was to be married. A Tragedy Occurs.-Tragedies: Something terrible happens to the character’s lover. Lover attempts to kill character, but then disappears.

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  1. Raz was on a trail following clues of of an ancient Saurian Regime of the Paranoid King Sculedrus “The Skull” Kane. It is said he built something he called the God Shield in response to the paranoia of the gods he suffered from.

  2. Raz apparently is wanted by a rich Elven noble from Fenrix Holdings (a prosperous town south west of Vorakis. He has sent out bounty hunters to find Raz. Raz apparently has stolen a valuable artifact from him – the only known existing portion of something called the God Shield. According to legend, the God Shield can withstand a blow from a god.

  3. Raz at one time had a fascination of the relics and treasures left behind by the pre-Cataclysm Saurians and Elves in orbit. He had a theory that there were whole colonies of people still surviving in orbit over the planet.

  4. He observed the skies quite commonly, using telescopes to map out objects in orbit he thought were artificial. He talked of once following a falling piece of debris out into the wastelands north of his home. It impacted hard but he was able to recover shards of it. It was artificial, made of metal and technology.

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