Vizzal was a Turazza who worked for Loh’khar the Finder. She specialized in procuring materials that Loh’khar or his clients needed.

The sister of Nizzal and Rizzal, Vizzal’s job for Loh’khar was to locate whatever he or his clients needed, then discovering what they would cost, or what the owner would want to part with it. She was also adept at scavenging, stealing, or cannabilizing needed items. She had a knack for reprogamming droids to do what she wanted, or to forget their current master. Vizzal joined the crew of the FarStar alongside her master and her sisters.

Vizzal was constantly on the look-out for materials that might be useful, and took silent inventory of everything she found. She learned that nearly everything could be obtained for the right price, the right incentive, or the right opportunity.

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