Vizzben (d6)

Vizzben (d6)


Attribute Dice: 12D

Dexterity 1D/3D

Knowledge 2D/4D

Mechanical 1D/3D

Perception 2D/5D

Strength 1D/3D

Technical 1D/3D

Move 10

Physical Appearance

Vizzben pale skinned mammalian-based carbon life forms, with elongated-oblong head, and two fleshy antenna that extend out the side of their heads.   The are humanoid creatures with four fingers on each hand that end in small suction-cups, much like Rodians

Senses & Speech


No one is quite sure where the Vizzben came from.  They have been described as cowardly and conniving as Twi’leks, as slippery as Squids, and as backstabbing as Hutts.

Society and Customs


Vizzben tend to attract a lot of alien prejudice, because they are not as trusted as other species.

THey tend to be gullible enough, that at times they believe their own con games. The tend to build reputations, for being con-“men”.  And through their chosen line of work the tend to atttract alot of contacts and enemies.

Life is an opportunity to be exploited to its fullest. Vizzben wander the universe (read: they pick up and leave when things get too hot), revealing the wonders of the ages to the uninformed (read: bilking the suckers with fast talk and smooth operating), hoping to move happiness from one comer of the galaxy to another (read: hoping to move money and other negofiables from the hapless victim pockets to their own).

Special Abilities

Psi-Ability: New attribute Psi-Ability.   Vizzbeen start out at 2D Psi Ability. With your gamemaster, choose one psionic power from the Psi Power List that you can use.

Charisma: +2 to rolls related to Persuasion and Con.

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