Vydiryss, S’saran Warrior, Templar of the Church

Vydiryss, S’saran Warrior, Templar of the Church

Born on Skaras over 150 years ago, Vydiryss became a member of the Sacred Church of Life as a Templar. The Templar were extremely able warriors that enforced the doctrine of the Church in the daily lives of the S’saran. During his time in service as an Elder Templar, during the war with the Sathar, he allowed the Grand Priest of the High Council of the Church to be assassinated by a Sathar. His actions were deemed gross negligence as he was inebriated while he was meant to be protecting the Grand Priest. Vydiryss was then given the choice of either death by his own hand or exile. He chose to save his own life, further enforcing his appearance of weakness. Due to the fact that the planet was still embroiled with the war versus the Sathar Vydiryss was placed in a stasis pod and placed aboard a Generation Ship bound for the Frontier. His actual banishment would be implemented when they were far from Skaras.

When the Generation ships were first found twenty years ago present day Vydiryss was one of the first to be awakened. Saying very little he wasted no time leaving the ship and trying to get lost into the myriad of races within the Frontier worlds. He soon became a very accomplished pilot and was able to slip into the bustle of the new worlds in relative anonymity.

Soon after his own revival a Church Elder whom was key in Vydiryss’s shame discovered that the S’saran had escaped. This same Elder believed Vydiryss was due worse than his deemed exile. The Elder summoned the Church’s most lethal Templar, Ack-Soloriss, tasking him to find Vydiryss and to kill him. Ack-Soloriss, an extreme fanatic, has embraced this duty deeply to heart and is obsessive to see it done.

Meanwhile Vydiryss, who had become a skillful pilot and worked in such a capacity for many of the major corporations, ha slowly fallen father and father into depression and new heights of alcoholism.  He has found out about the death sentence placed upon him and who exactly had been assigned to end his life. Having his most recent run in with the executioner on New Pale, he has fled to the Streel Corporation looking for work, any work, that will get him off planet and far away as soon as possible.

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  1. Vydiryss
    The journey has been trying and difficult while at the same time cleansing and reflective. The lack of alcohol has caused many night sweats and pain. It has also caused hallucinations and nightmares. Dreams of the past and the destruction of Vyd’s homeworld. A couple of disturbing images seem to reoccur through-out these dreams and hallucinations.

    First, an image of a S’saran Vyd remembers from his days with the Church. It wasn’t long before Vyd realized he was seeing the Grand Priest of the High Council of the Church – the one death he felt most responsible for. Each vision was different but had one thing in common – fear and forboding, as if the man was warning him of something. He’d then disappear in a swirling shadow.

    The second vision commonly followed the first after the Grand Priest vanished in a cloud of shadows – a symbol Vyd recognized as one of the many signs of evil, darkness and destruction; the symbol of the devil figure in his religion.

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