Blasters d6

Blasters d6

Skill: Blaster

Weapon TypeTypeFire RateDamageRange – S/M/LAmmoPriceAmmo Price
Brodie X2 Holdout
Furtherman Blaster
Brodie Blaster Pistol
Hvy Blaster Pistol1s5D3-20/50/20050*112575
Brodie LX4BRBlaster Rifle5fa7D+25-25/ 150/ 300100*150050
Gurtman Assault BlasterUrban Env.10fa5D+23-20/ 60/100100*7500225
Gurtman RF3Assault Rifle10fa7D5-25/200/ 400100t140045
Brodie LX5Rifle1s5D+25-50/150/300150*100050

* – Runs off of disposable cells

Brodie X2 Holdout Blaster

Holdout BlasterCharacterBlasters

The X2 is known as one of the most powerful weapon in its class. The only problem with the weapon is that it is impossible to dampen the sound the hyper-accelerated particles make. Therefore, it’s of limited use for covert operatives, one of the most important markets for holdout weapons.

Furtherman Blaster Pistol

Blaster PistolCharacterBlasters

Surprisingly light (only .45 kilograms) for its size (26.5 cm), the “standard” blaster can be fired semi-automatic fire. It does more damage than a laser pistol and is much more menacing.

Brodie Blaster Pistol Carbine

Heavy Blaster PistolCharacterBlasters

An big and more powerful design philosophy, the holster of the Brodie Blaster Pistol Carbine is a solid piece of plasteel, and access to the weapon is gained through use of a quick release mechanism which snaps open. But what’s really interesting is that the pistol is able to be mounted onto the holster to allow for more controlled fire. When used like that, figure 50 meters more on the medium and long ranges and the gun can be fired on full auto. When used apart from the holster, it can only fire single shot and semi-auto.

Since the holster is larger than necessary to hold the weapon and the Brodie is big, forget about trying to conceal this pistol. The gun is a little larger than the Furtherman model, which it was designed to go head-to-head with.

Brodie LX4 Blaster Rifle

Blaster RifleCharacterBlasters

The LX4 can be fired as full automatic. It is long at 58cm but weighs in at only .9 kilograms. The LX4 is arguably the most popular weapon among those who purchase Brodie armor, due to its power and its ability to draw energy from cells rather than cumbersome power packs.

Gurtman Assault Blaster

Blaster Urban Environment RifleCharacterBlasters

The Gurtman Assault Blaster is designed almost exclusively for close-in combat with little regard for anything over 100 meters. This sucker is heavy, weighing four kilos with power cells and has a length of 50 cm. The gas-injector mechanism is designed to moderate more of the reactant and spread the particles over a wider area than is normal with a blaster. This means that the weapon can do tremendous damage at close range, but at longer ranges the particles are too diffused to do much damage. The weapon is capable of fully automatic fire.

Gurtman RF3 Blaster Rifle

Blaster Urban Environment RifleCharacterBlasters

Gurtman’s RF3 is designed to be used with Gurtman’s power armor. Instead of using a super insulator cell, the RF3 is designed to be linked to a power pack. Other than that, the RF3 is very similar to the Brodie LX4.

Brodie LX5 BlasterRifle

Blaster Civilian/Sniper RifleCharacterBlasters

The civilian model of the LX4, the LX5 has the outward appearance of its fully automatic cousin. However, it is only semi-automatic and uses different internal parts to prevent its being converted into a full-auto weapon. Because of its large ammunition capacity and the damage it can do, the LX5 has also gained favor as a survival weapon on board many escape pods.

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