Electron d6

Electron d6

Skill: Blaster

TypeFire RateFire ControlDamageRange – S/M/LAmmoPriceAmmo Price
Urban Env.1s06D+13-10/30/40100*11250188
Assault Rifle10fa05D+25-30/250/750100*120022

* – Runs off of disposable cells

Electron weapons are something relatively new and are great if you’re going to be doing a lot of desert fighting or operating in other dry climates. If you’re on your way to Mon Calamari though, these weapons are very ineffective in moist environments, and sometimes, can be dangerous. They operate by first emitting a low-powered laser beam from the weapon to ionize a corridor through the air. A beam of electrons rides along this corridor, which then hits the target, doing almost as much damage as the charged particles of a blaster. The shot is usually accompanied by a big flash of light.

When it’s real humid, the electron beam gets ideas of its own and leaves the laser corridor along a “path of lesser resistance,” as the big brains put it. Range and accuracy stink under these conditions. In rain, a vacuum, or underwater, these guns don’t work at all. The electrons are drawn from the power cell and not the barrel, which is kind of a relief. All of these are powered by power packs or cells, just like lasers and blasters.  When in humid environments, halve all electron weapon ranges and add a -1D to attack roll.

Furtherman E145 ‘Handbuzzer”

Electron HoldoutCharacterBlasters

It fits in the palm of your hand and it’s’a big shock for your target. While it’s not as concealable as some weapons on the market, it gets the job done and does impressive damage for something its size. Not much noise, but the light flash is going to be a dead giveaway to everybody else around, so have your escape route planned before you use it.

Furtherman E245 Electron Pistol

Electron PistolCharacterBlasters

“The damage of a blaster with the accuracy of a laser.” At least, that’s what the advertising for E245 and its bigger brother, the E345 Electron Rifle, says. This light (0.5 kg) and sturdy weapon is still quite large (25cm). The E245 is one of the standard issue sidearms for NetWorld security forces on megacorp worlds where dry conditions prevail.

Gurtman “Lightning” Electron Carbine

Electron SMGCharacterBlasters

One of several innovative new weapon systems designed by Gurtman, the “Lightning” works by dividing the laser beam into several smaller lasers with a dispersion of 20cm. at maximum range. This creates several corridors for the electrons to follow. More end up hitting the target over a greater area, and thus do more damage – or so the theory goes. Unfortunately, the corridors are weaker, meaning that the electrons have lots of opportunities to go offtrack and get diffused. So this otherwise formidable weapon has a range that’s little better than a holdout.

Furtherman E345 Electron Rifle

Electron RifleCharacterBlasters

The big brother of the E245. Unlike that weapon, the E345 is able to fire semi-auto,or full auto. Like the E245, the the E345 is often used by corporate security forces on desert planets or in other low humidity environments. The overall length of the weapon is 90 cm. and it runs off disposable energy cells. A slightly larger version, the E345AI, has the same stats but can be used with an energy pack that is either independent or attached to the Brodie Mark IV, thanks to a licensing deal between the two firms.

Furtherman 445 Electron Sniper Rifle

Electron Civilian/ Sniper RifleCharacterBlasters

The 445 is meant to be a long-range sniper weapon able to remove “difficulties” no matter what they might be. Unfortunately, this weapon is over two meters long and very difficult to handle. Note that this weapon uses the same disposable cell as the E345 electron rifle. [ -1 to hit the target unless the user has the weapon mounted on a tripod to steady it.]

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