Microwave Lasers d6

Microwave Lasers d6

Skill: Blaster

Microwave weapons are essentially a different kind of laser, one with a lower frequency. The energy drain is offset by the extra damage you’ll do to your opponent. Where a laser will just burn tissue, a microwave laser will excite the molecules and cook your enemy. It also can be used an m-laser to wipe out data on computer slugs and ionize unshielded electronic gear.¬† However, with the exceptions of the mentioned uses, it’s ineffective against buildings, furniture, walls,etc. In addition, metal makes a great shield against the waves. [Subtract -1D from the damage if the weapon is fired at a non-organic target other than unshielded electronic equipment. Add +1D to the armor value of metal armor when attacked with microwaves.]

A microwave burst misses its target and bounces off a metal surface, there is a chance it will hit the firer. These drawbacks have limited the popularity of microwave weapons outside of the Core Worlds, where few slags are walking around in full armor. Corp cops are particularly fond of the ability of the weapons to blow a vehicle’s electrical systems. Microwave weapons are recoilless and can use either energy cells or power .packs.

Microwwave Lasers
Weapon Type Type Fire Rate Damage Range – S/M/L Ammo Price Ammo Price
Brodie M-20 Hold Out 1 3D+1 3-10/40/80 25* 206 5
Brodie M-25 Pistol 1s 3D+2 3-25/75/150 50* 417 15
Brodie M-30 Urban Env. 1s 4D+2 3-50/ 80/175 100* 1050 30
Brodie MW-3 Assault Rifle 6D+1 5-40/150/300 150* 1100 25
Brodie MW-2 Civilian/Sniper 1s 5D+2 5-50/500/1500 100* 880 40

* – Runs off of disposable cells

Brodie M-20 Personal MicroDefender

Type Scale Skill
Microwave Holdout Character Blasters

The M-20 Personal MicroDefender is a very compact weapon system that’s damn effective for a holdout. It looks like nothing more than a round piece of plastic with a small barrel pointing out. It can fit in the palm of the average Human hand and only the barrel will protrude from your fingers. This is a hot market item among thieves – not because it’s particularly lethal, but because it’s a great way to get past electronic security systems. The M-20 is a single shot weapon.

Brodie M-25 Microwave Pistol

Type Scale Skill
Microwave Pistol Character Blasters

A compact (15cm) and powerful weapon, the M-25 is the standard sidearm of many megacorp security forces. It has gained a reputation as a reliable weapon and is pretty much the standard against which micro weapons are measured. Naturally, the security guys carry slugthrowers and other weapons in the event their quarry takes refuge in a computer center.

Brodie M-30 Heavy Repeating Microwave Carbine

Type Scale Skill
Microwave Carbine Character Blasters

At 25cm, the M-30 is one of the bulkier pistols currently making use of microwave laser technology. It was originally designed for megacorporate crisis response teams. Like the M-20, its reliability and effectiveness make it a popular choice.

Brodie MW-3 Repeating Microwave Rifle

Type Scale Skill
Microwave Assault Rifle Character Blasters

This item has an interesting history. It was originally designed by Brodie for use by Corporate Sector Police, and so has the proper connections for use with the Brodie Mark IV. Unfortunately, the Espos opted for non-microwave weapons and Brodie was stuck with a number of already-produced MW-3s. This weapon is capable of semi-automatic, and auto fire and can be connected to a backpack-mounted power cell for three times the normal number of shots available through a power pack.

Brodie MW-2 Microwave Rifle

Type Scale Skill
Microwave Civilian/Sniper Character Blasters

The MW-2 Microwave Rifle was intended for use by law enforcement and security forces, but as a black market item, it has found its way into the hands of pirates and sumugglers. Numerous incidents of sabotage have been traced to use of the MW-2, and Brodie’s said to have a whole unit of corp marines whose job is to track down stolen rifles and slag the thieves.

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