Physical Description

Wen’tri are quadrupeds mammalian tailed species, however, their front paws are used as manipulators. They resemble a cross between the terrestrial weasel or ferret, and an otter. Their color range can vary from a combinations of greys and silvers to a combination of light browns with patches of red or black. Their fur gets lighter as they get older. They are one of the smaller species in the region, but find that more an asset than a handicap.

Average Size: 1.1 m
Average Mass: 34kg
Average Life-span: 280 yr.
Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 35 degrees C
* Because of the Wen’tri’s small size, they cannot use any weapons larger than Short Rifle unless mounted in some way (vehicle or tripod)

Historical Details

The Wen’tri are a unique and mysterious species in many ways. They were discovered by a joint K’Dasi- Skaniis Expedition on the other side of S’saran space (since the S’saran were too lazy to explore it themselves). However, they found them through a large region with no evidence that they ever had FLT capabilities. After an investigation, no answers were found. However, suddenly, the Torani and the Tor’Drani were calling for their acceptance onto the Dominion and recognition of their Sovereignty. This was unprecedented for two reasons – first, that the Torani and the Tor’Drani would agree on a course of action and second, that they suggested acceptance without clientship first. It passed after some debate, and there was some unrest with that decision among the citizenry of the Dominion.

The investigation assumed that they were a slave race to the J’Vaarians and were left behind when the J’Vaarians were defeated. Of course, the Wen’tri have not divulged any clue to what the truth is, and let anyone to make their guesses. They, themselves, had no evidence of technology and seem happy to be without it.

Despite the lack of technology, however, their incredibly potent telepathic capabilities were regarded by the Directorate as too valuable to allow the Wen’tri to be barred from contact.

The Wen’tri have no representative in the Supreme Directorate, despite their acceptance into it. The Torani seem to look out for there interests politically. They occasionally send a delegate to make a statement or two, but are more than willing to let the others run the Directorate’s day to day business.

However, the Wen’tri are involved with the Alliance Council. They seem to show a strong interest in the well-being of the Frontier-Rim Coalition region, but are not telling why.


Except for their telepathic power, the Wen’tri have no specially acute senses.

Speech and Languages

Apparently, the Wen’tri have no spoken native language, but they do speak Pan-Gal Common well.


The Wen’tri are pleasant to almost everyone. Even if they sense that the particular person wants to injure them, they are still polite. They respect anyone with a strong sense of commitment and loyalty. No particular race rubs them wrong. They are peaceful and non-violent. They are very calming in their demeanor and tend to win trust over faster than most species. They are among the best diplomats in the Dominion.

The Wen’tri want to continue their lives without too much involvement with the Directorate and the Frontier-Rim Coalition. They seek only knowledge of the universe and it’s many wonders. They are extremely curious about things in this regard. They are said to be the great holders of all things secret about the universe. This may or may not be true, but the Wen’tri aren’t telling. All others know is that they often here their Wen’tri companions say “oh… you didn’t know that?…” after discovering an ancient secret.

Social Structure and Standards.

Nothing is known about the Wen’tri culture, because from planet to planet, it is different. Some resemble the clans of the Yazirians. Others resemble the independence of the Humans.

Racial Abilities:

Natural Electroshock – The Wen’tri have the ability to charge up their bodies with a painful amount of electricity, like the Electric eel. SUCCESS RATE: {(STA+INT)/10}% / DMG: {STR/5} * The percentage given in the Electroshock ability is the percent chance that the Wen’tri’s body has built up enough charge to release a damaging burst; percent chance to actually work. This ability is not transmitted; it is a field released about the Wen’tri’s body.

Grand Telepathy– The Wen’tri can use this telepathy in several different ways: (1) Communicating to a person and reading their minds at close range. (2) Communicating to someone at extreme ranges and (3) Communicate to someone the Wen’tri knows light years away.

Communicating and reading at close range means the character the Wen’tri is communicating to is within the Wen’tri’s Close Range Modifier. Close Range Mod.: {INT x 5}m. There is no cost for this use. Telepathy: Characters (Grand:Close) Level [1d3]

Communicating at extreme ranges means that the targeted character is in the Wen’tri’s Extreme Range Modifier. The character must be either known to the Wen’tri by name, or he must be in sight. Ext. Rng. Mod: {LOGx5}km. This use costs 1 point of Stamina every 15 kilometers the character is away. Telepathy: Characters (Grand:Extreme) Level [1d3]

Communicating with someone that is light years away means that the targeted character is at least 1.0 light years away, and at most, at the Range of {(LOG+INT)/16} Light Years. The targeted character must be known to the Wen’tri, and the Wen’tri must have previously touched him. This costs 5 Points of Stamina for every Light Year the Character is away. Telepathy: Characters (Grand:Light yr.) Level [1d3].

Any telepathy (Except Light Years Telepathy) among Wen’tri is Automatic; no roll is necessary.

Claws: +4 Points to PS

Fur Armor The Wen’tri have 5 points of natural armor (For Impact Type Damage Only).

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