West End Games Errata: Lord’s Of The Expanse

West End Games Errata: Lord’s Of The Expanse

Lord of the Expanse addendum

Date: Thursday, August 28, 1997 9:36 PM

1. Sector Guide – Page 12 – “Traditionally, celebrants” spend their holidays trying to determine what the missing text was supposed to say.

Yep, the text got clipped here. Kind of upsetting, actually. Most of the remaining text for this chapter was window dressing, but the Captial Season text was kind of important. I apologize for the oversight. I’ll post the missing text in the next posting.

Subj: Lords of the Exp. omission

Date: 8/25/97 5:05:29 PM

From: WEGEdit

Chapter One of the Sector Guide was clipped in layout. Here is the missing text:

Shelova Week. Shelova Week is a Herglic holiday which celebrates commerce and family (the two concepts are not far separated in the Herglic mind). Traditionally, celebrants exchange gifts, make new alliances and trade arrangements, and spend time with their families. The holiday gradually spread into the human population of Tapani sector, and has changed somewhat in the cultural transition. Most humans ignore the trade aspect of the festival, and go on vacation. Many businesses, however, focus on the trade aspect exclusively (especially those dealing with Herglics), and use the holiday week to broker new deals with their trading partners.

Harvest Day

Harvest Day is an ancient holiday brought to the sector by the original settlers. Presumably it once commemorated the harvesting of crops, but no one knows for sure. Most people now simply regard it as a welcome chance to take a day off work.

Winter Fete

This holiday originated on the initial Pelagon settlement, and marks the local winter equinox. When the settlers began to spread to other worlds, the date was changed to coincide with the Republic Fete Week holiday (now an Imperial holiday).

The Capital Season

The capital season is a social season unique to the upper crust of the Expanse . During the capital season, which runs from Expansion Week to Shelova Week, many of the nobility descend on Procopia to wine and dine, spy and intrigue, and take pleasure jaunts to Vycynith and the other resort planets in the sector.

Being seen on Procopia during capital season is an absolute must for nobles interested in maintaining reputations as movers and shakers. Avoiding capital season marks a noble as a social pariah and can have a big negative impact on his status among his peers. Occasionally, those with business outside the sector can excuse themselves for a season or two, but attending to business elsewhere within the sector seldom cuts it as an excuse; during capital season, sector business comes to Procopia.

During the season, Procopia’s finer resorts, restaurants, and entertainment centers are overflowing with wealthy tourists and nobles. Visitors to the planet without good political connections will find it extremely difficult to get lodgings in the finer Procopian resorts and hotels.

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