West End Games  Errata: Stock Ships

West End Games Errata: Stock Ships

Photocopy Percentages

As promised, here’s the photocopy percentages to use the deckplans in Stock Ships with the Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules:

Stock Ships Errata-

Due to a printing error, the photocopy percentage (to make the ship deck plans scaled to Star Wars Miniatures Battles) was ommitted. The following percentages should suffice:

Lantillian Short Hauler: 160%
Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht: 285%
Starfeld Z-10 Seeker: 120%
Corellian YT-2400: 150%
Corellian XS-800: 170%
Hyrotil Crescent: 170%
Kazellis Light Freighter: 190%
Nova-Drive 3-Z: 240%
Rendili-Surron Starlight Freighter: 310%
Suwantek Systems’ TL-1800: 150%
Starfeld ZH-25 Questor: 130%
Corellian HT-2200: 300%
Barloz-class Medium Freighter: 240%
Surronian L19 Light Freighter: 300%
Mon Cal Deepwater Freighter: 260%

* Note: These percentages are approximations, for ease of use. For more precise figures, use the following formula:

Ship’s Length in Meters divided by 2.

Divide the result by the length of the ship (in inches) on the actual map.

Multiply the result by 100. The final result is the percentage to set a photocopier to enlarge the map to 25mm scale.

Sorry for the error, folks.

Eric Trautmann – WEST END GAMES

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