What I am watching this season?

What I am watching this season?

This season is for TV is about salvaging the wreckage of the writers strike as well as coming up with some new stuff that people will watch while the country they know crumbles around them.

So what do am I watching while the sky is falling?


Heroes – This was one of my favorite shows the past two seasons. This is a great show and after the first two episodes, it has definitely taken a new direction but not all that original. The 4400 already did this kind of plot – the secret formula that gives everyone powers (or kills them, depending on who you are). It will be interesting to see where they go with it, though. Obviously they are dividing the existing heroes up into bad guys and good guys, blurring the lines as they go. Also, they are sneaking in the big reveals they had planned to do in the past seasons as best they can… like Skyler, who’s your momma? Overall, I am encouraged and excited.

Sara Connor Chronicles – This has gotten really good already, but there are some parts that I simply do not understand. Why have this pregnant chick plotline? Maybe it is linked to something in the future or maybe it is a way to get the chicks to watch. I know my wife doesn’t care for it. But introducing new bad guys (a T2000!!), giving you more about just how infiltrated the machines are in our society trying to fix the future, and giving you more about the characters like Cameron is really good.


NCIS – This is about as mainstream as I get. Of the crime shows of this nature, this is the only one I watch. I could get into CSI and have in the past, but I did not stick with it. Criminal Minds is another one I wish I had gotten into. This one has both the murder mystery side to it as well as the international intrigue, which I like, plus I like the characters a lot. They were split up at the end of last season and now we know why – to weed out a spy. Someone died in that search and they still did not actually find it. It looks good although I really only watch the ones related to the story arches. The episodic ones I will watch sometimes.

Fringe – This is the new one, the weird one, and the one that has intrigued me the most. It has a little X-Files feel to it, as well as an NCIS feel to it. Mad scientists gone even madder across the world, conspiring together into something called the Pattern. I like it.

Eureka – My first disappointment of the year. I am already yawning about this show. I am in no hurry to watch it when it is on my DVR list. I am just losing interest in this show very fast.


Knight Rider – I liked the pilot/2 hour movie, and the first episode looked good. They introduced a mysterious background to the main character Michael, forced him to take the Michael Knight identity and created an interesting relationship with his hottie partner. The car transforms to three different things including an F250 truck! That’s so hoakie that its cool. We’ll see where it goes.

Sanctuary – I watched the online episodes they were selling. This is kind of a less dark Supernatural where the hunters are trying to study the monsters more than just kill them. This doesn’t premier until next week, but I am looking forward to it.

Thursdays – the most busy night of the week, because my wife has her chick-flick shows on too.

Survivor: Gabon – This is my guilty pleasure. I love this show, I really do not care that it has been on forever. I love seeing the interactions between people. My daughter loves it too.

Supernatural – this has got to be one of the best shows people are not watching. Maybe I like it because I am a big brother and I can see my brother and I having this kind of relationship. Maybe I like monsters and occult lore too much. This show is simply awesome. This new season has brought in the battle between Angels and Demons and the signs of the Apocalypse. This has gotten even more cool than it was the past several seasons. Dean was yanked from Hell from the only people that could do it, Dean is having a crisis of Faith, and Sam can secretly yank out demons from the possessed. That’s simply awesome!!!


Stargate: Atlantis – Just when I was getting bored with this show, they throw a good one at me. This last episode “First Contact” was AWESOME!

Saturdays – Nothing, usually our movie night.


Amazing Race – Yup, this is another guilty pleasure. I like it the same reason I like Survivor.

The Unit – Not sure why they moved this to Sunday night, but I love this show too. This first episode I could tell was simply a conglomeration of what last season was supposed to end up at – the Unit’s families in hiding, Gearheart now knows that his commanding officer was sleeping with his wife and wants to exact Unit justice on him, and there are terrorists hunting down the Unit. This makes me want more 24 BAD!

That’s about all I can fit in with the time I have. Needless to say, our DVR is a busy little machine.