Why I hate that I watched all of the new BSG

Why I hate that I watched all of the new BSG

The podcast I was on – Epic Gaming Night – was supposed to be about MACE and gaming but it turned into a long discussion (debate) about how I did not like the new Battlestar Galactica.

Honestly, I watched every episode in full hopes it would get better and it did not.  EVER.  In fact, it gradually got worse and worse.  Between the characters I could not force myself to care about, the dreary hopelessness that permeated the show, and the overall story arc, I can not in anyway say that I enjoyed that show.  I commonly say that I wish I had a refund on my time spent watching that show.

Lets get into the meat of why, though.  The overall premise really killed it for me and it only gradually came out as time went on.  Basically, it starts with the fact that they basically could not afford the CGI to do the robotic cylons so they built into the story like cylons that are indistinguishable from humans.  I hate that trope but I accepted it for what it was worth, in hopes that over time, they could afford more and have more real cylons.  No, instead, the built it into the overall story arch and had us wondering who was a cylon and who wasn’t. Simply because they could not afford real cylons.  Lame!

So then I was driven to the question – why do I care who is a cylon and who is not?  If they are so indistinguishable from humans, why do I care if they are cylon or not?  They are basically human, right?  And the finale basically fulfilled its own prophecy by making us all descendants from cylons? That was the final nail is a coffin that had a lot of nails.  Unfortunately, despite all those nails, I just kept on watching.

And if half the humans are really cylons, what is the motivation of the cylons chasing them?  I did not get this at all!  None of the character motivations when it related to the cylons vs. human story made any sense?

And don’t even get me started with the whole Starbuck thing.  What was she? And why did I care?  I needed a little more.  Otherwise, I just don’t care.  If she was some kind of celestial being, then give me more than vague references and strange acid trip dreams.  Those bored the hell out of me.  I really hated how her story was told.

For a journey through the deep reaches of space, it was also a very boring one.  Space is boring because it is so big, in reality.  I get that.  But I am not watching reality, I am watching a science fiction show that is supposed to entertain me.  Find something interesting aside from a few desolate planets with very little interesting on them and cylons that want you dead!  I know that Edward James Olmos did not want aliens on the show.  FRAK him!  Give me aliens!   At least the original found other colonies of humans and interacted with them!

I loved the overall look and feel of the show.  It had great potential and I stuck with it for nostalgic reasons.  But now I hate that I watched it.  Such a waste of valuable time.

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