02 – Xagyg Dust Nebula

02 – Xagyg Dust Nebula

The Xagyg Dust Nebula is the shroud that spans anti-spinward end of the Frontiers (aka the Zebularon’s Expanse).   The homeworlds of the Vrusks, Dralasites and the Yazirian all contained deep with this massive section of space that is partially enveloped by an even more massive cloud of dangerous proto-stellar gases, radiation and dark matter.

It is estimated to be about 150 ly long, and 50 to 80 ly wide.  However, at some of its less dense points are means to pass through to the otherside.  On the other side is the region known as the Outer Rim or simply the Rim.  Navigation is possible only through the Capellan Pass on the Spinward side of the Frontier, and the uncharted Solar Major route on the Anti-spinward side.  Such routes were used by the Sathar during their invasions of the Frontier.

Along with the known Passes,  there are several named features of the Nebula.  Notable is the Pronus Fingers near Truance’s Star system, the Sludatera Gorge where the Fromeltar System is nestled, and the Eye of Thorix – the remnants of a proto-star that fell apart for some unknown reason – glows just beneath the Pass at Solar Major.

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