You’re responsible for the dumpster fire!

In a conversation where I found it funny that Oprah and The Rock were both being recruited to run for president (relating it back to the movie Idiocracy), I apparently triggered a lefty-acquaintance of mine to the point that he felt it necessary to rant.  The exact quote was:

Sadly Trump will though. Basically, you’re still responsible for the dumpster fire that is the current administration. Laugh all you want, but a grade-school educated tuna fish sandwich would be better that what we ended up with, so everyone with any fame at all has learned the lesson well: the bar is set as low as it’s likely to go. Time to throw as many hats in the ring as you feel like, it’s not like we could do much worse!

While I was kind of “making fun” of the situation, he had issue that I was making fun of his side while my “perceived” side had already done it with Trump.  While I can understand the perception of celebrity in Trump, before he was a celebrity, he was a businessman that ran a fairly successful family business.  But of course, all they see is the guy behind The Apprentice.  Anyway, what I find funny is how myself and my fellow Republicans are to blame for this administration.  While I did not vote for him, my state went full-on for him, which is why I felt OK about voting the way I did.  However, I would argue that it was equally the other side’s fault for getting Trump elected.

The left had 8 years with the Big O to do what they wanted.  They had a completely compliant Congress for the first two years, and the rest was with a Republic controlled Congress (the first sign that showed the true feelings of this country).  It was a gradual change but the third Congressional election, the left should have gotten the message.  But no, the Big O kept on getting re-elected, but not for the reasons they think.   The Repubs lept on putting up lightweights hoping to appeal to left-leaning independents, while alienating their base.

2016 rolls around and what happens.  A maverick candidate that appeals to the core of America comes up and sweeps the primaries and kills the election (by electoral votes).  Anyone shocked?  Grant it, the Repubs have additional blame for putting up so many lame candidates, but Trump’s election is more about not wanting any more Big O politics than anything else.  With the Hildabeast, we would have gotten more of the same. But they knew she wasn’t a strong candidate but it was her time.  She was anointed.  Again, who’s fault is that?  The Left.

So the left can take as much blame, if not more, than the Repubs for this “dumpster fire” and the sooner they do, the sooner they will realize what its going to take to win back the presidency.  Of course, it’s the Repubs to lose.  Trump can easily lose his re-election with more “shithole” statements like he’s been doing.  This is why I did not vote for him.  He’s an asshole and there is no easier way to say it.

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