Zaknimar, home of the Drow

Zaknimar, home of the Drow

underworldcityZaknimar is the home of Durshara the Drow Ranger.  It is a former elven underground refuge that was taken over by the much-maligned dark elves.   There are many dark elf tribes that live in this underground region,  but Zaknimar is the only known city state of the drow.  It was built under the ruins of a pre-Cataclysm Saurian industrial city and has many hidden technologies that the Draw take advantage of.

One feather of this city is the Zaor River – a toxic flow of black and gray ooze that travels through the center of the city.  This has had a strange effect on its residence.  Most of the Zaknimar Drow are immune to natural poisons.

At one time in its recent history, Zaknimar was lead by a fanatical noble that had mastered some of the lost Saurian technology – in particular the cloning technology.  This leader – Omardax Hun’urden – was also paranoid of “enemies from below.”  He was convinced that the saurians that once owned this city had mutated and turned savage.  They burrowed deeper into the planet, abandoning their refuge.  It is said that he had a vision of their return, slithering back like giant snakes, to destroy his people.  In response to this vision, he used the cloning tech he mastered and created a clone army.  He asked all families of the city to donate the DNA of their first born to be used as clones in his new army.  This was seen as blasphemy by many in the religious sect.  Calling them his Shadow Talons, this army was rapidly aged and quickly trained.  Ignoring the outcry from many, he took his army out to defeat this unseen threat.  They never returned.


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