Narn Soldier, strongly loyal to the Narn Regime,  and formerly of the Wise Aces mercenary group (played by Jim Harris)

Aspiring Narn Intelligence agent, and diplomat, Za’Roth is a loyal Narn and not a big fan of Centauri.


Za’Roth’s family lives comfortably, given that they are living on the Narn homeworld even as Narn culture continues to develop. Za’Roth is the legitimate first-born son of his parents, and he has one sibling.

Born on Narn, Za’Roth was born in a hospital. However, due to the bizarre nature of Za’Roth’s father (Za’Toth), his father believe Za’Roth is not his actual son. (OOC: Perhaps a mix up in the hospital?)

Za’Toth is, however, a rather unusual figure as he masquerades as a foppish Medical Engineer who wears ridiculous out of date clothing that show off his unusually large muscles. However, Za’Toth is using this to hide his true nature. He is in fact a destitute health care support worker, though none of the family know this because he hides it so well.

After leaving his parents home out of angst (Jaded Personality), Za’Roth, who is loved by his mother but distrusted by Za’Toth, was given the typical education to go into retail. He was mentored by his employer which ultimately resulted in Za’Roth opening up a new market(Fateful Event=+20% starting money).

Nevertheless, Za’Roth’s self-centered nature took over. He lost interest in his job and was brutally honest (Rudeness/Honest) about it. He left his job in retail to take a four year trip to a nearby star (Wanderlust) where he lived with the Minbari. This would result in his new career as a soldier serving with two Minbari (at the start of the campaign.)

Za’Roth Game log

Session I

Worked as B5 contract/supplementary security. Tested at with a brawl with thugs along with Sha’lan & Joe Means

Session II

Helped investigate

Session III

Helped with the rescue of the scientists. Upon arriving back at B5, in pursuing a future in politics, made contact with the Narn diplomatic team and informed them of what he saw and learned about Levanna IV Beta.

Session IV

Was one of the primary contacts between the party and Narn diplomat (~name~)

Session VI

Played a role in rescuing the “package” – a Narn that he later found out was a Thenta Makur who failed at his job. Someone wanted him rescued or dead. Sold as a slave by Joe to the Centauri leader of Quolok, who deferred to the highest ranking Centauri – Kiron Jaddo

Session VII

Wants to return to B5 and not go back to Quolok. Use his ambition to work as a diplomat – a mission to Quolok. “Downloaded” from the temple idol to his brain, what he thought was the coordinates to Nu’Shok.

Session VIII

Soul Hunter Prison Rescue – Za’roth came close to death in the final battle

Session IX

Not Present: With the data in his brain, he want mentally unstable, writing Narn equations all of the walls. These equations turned out to be a mathematical representation of a 3D portion of space.

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