Noble Houses of Kathol

Noble Houses of Kathol

Location: Throughout the Kathol Core Region

House Ik’Tal


House of strong willed, traditionalists, one of the more powerful houses; relatively friendly, but skeptical of the New Republic

House Karadol


Forced to ally with the NR by the other Houses, this house the NR trusts the least.  Used to be allied with the Church before the Great Church Collapse.  They are a very treacherous house.

House Shador


Once a persecuted house, now the strongest ally the NR has, and also now one of the most powerful Houses.  Very admirable house because of it’s strength and resolve.

House Brakia


Strong House, they are still angered at House Karadol for their treachery.  Allied with the NR but skeptical.  This house was at one time at the verge of collapse until the NR intervened.

House Kathor


Corporate-minded house, they run a majority of the Noble Corporations.  Mercenaries to the end, anything for an extra credit of two.   They are not 100% supportive of the NR presence, although they have not taken any direct action against the NR.  It is suspected that they were an still may be allied with House Karadol.