Praxium: Dead Empire d6

Praxium: Dead Empires D6

This is a new idea I am putting together for a new setting for Ron-d6. The basic inspiration for the setting is the Saturday Morning Cartoons that inspired me – Thundarr the Barbarian, Hercluoids, Space Ghost, Thundercats, and others. My plan is to create a world separate from Earth where all these things can exist together in one system, focused on one world.

I hope to have ways to actually play similar creatures to the shows I referenced all in once world. Additionally, I want to have reasons for various aliens to come to this world and take it over. There will be competing factions, magic, old secrets arising from the ashes and darker story arches that can be explored. While based on the campy worlds of Saturday Morning Cartoons, I do want to take it more seriously and maybe down some darker roads.

I plan to have elements of fantasy as well as sci-fi because that is what I like the most.

Praxium: Dead Empires