Saint Sinner Part 5

Saint Sinner Part 5

This was probably the weaker of the 5 parts, as I did not put enough work into it.  It was sort of a “come full circle” type adventure, where the players ended up on a world like the City of End (Conildra Tatil).  In this case, the players would have to unite the factions to mount as assault on the Kzin facility, but would have to accomplish certain tasks to unite them.  They can also discover an old enemy of the Kzin is hidden underground and could be a good ally as well.

Fall from Grastal

Saint Sinner 5


Somehow, the PCs with Dramius will find a way to follow a shipment from Narus III on a Talgorian Freighter, making a delivery (abandoning the Centurion, Dramius’s ship).  The Freighter will make its delivery by dropped off the load on a remote world which is their designated drop-off point arranged with the Grastal Trade Syndicate.  The GTS ship will then pick it up, check the product and take it to Grastal, to the Kzin garrison commander and Girrillian for their inspection. The cargo bay will be sealed and pressurized the whole time.   The pick-up will be executed by drone shuttle, with other drones there to inspect the cargo.

The asteroid field is in the middle of a gaseous nebula, which emanates a strong EM field and has shifting particle currents.  Within the nebula love large space-breeding creatures – space worms.

OPTION:  Ship attacked enroute and the cargo might be emergency jettisoned.

PICK UP:  The Syndicate freighter – GTSS Strakmon – will dispatch a robot-shuttle which will attach, and  then open a hatchway for robot inspectors.  This ship is one of Girrillian’s own ships.  If the PCs have done it right, they can leave the cargo bay and take the Syndicate ship.


Unite the Fragments.  Once on Grastal, each PC can learn of each Fragment and determine that it would be advantageous if the united the Fragments as their allies.  Each will have a group of deportees they want freed from the Kzin facility.  However, each Fragment are at the brink of war with each other.  PCs will have to make peace and make a deal that will unite them.


The city of Frash also has its secrets that few know or remember. The Raspkod fortress under Frash, part of which Girrillian is unwittingly residing in, still has some secrets which have not been pulverised. The lower catacombs, host to many alien traps and puzzles locks, hold the last remaining battalion and families of the Raspkod in stasis; enough numbers to stagger the Kzin garrison. All the PCs need is the fragments of the Key, three of which three alien factions above have, whether they know it or not. There is a fourth part of the key, which they will need, and that part is the most mysterious of all.



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