Savage MasterDeck ver. 2 (SWADE) Update

Savage MasterDeck ver. 2 (SWADE) Update

The following changes have been made to Savage Worlds Master Deck.

Keeping the Subplot Cards

In play, we will be keeping the subplot cards from session to session.

Common Ground subplot

Alternative or Quick Use (+2 or +3 to Networking attempts).

Connection subplot

Reworked this to work like the Connections Edge.

Alertness subplot

Alternative or Quick Use (+2 or +3 to Dramatic Tasks attempts).

Campaign subplot

You now can change certain Subplot card into a Hindrance/Edge pairing that permanently can affect the player character.

Mistaken Identity, Nemesis, Suspicion, Romance, and Personal Stake subplot

Added a Conviction Point mechanic. Removed the Benny mechanic (we were doing this wrong in play, anyway)

Martyr subplot

Adjust the mechanic around Martyr. It acts as a Lucky Edge. Player gets an additional Benny while this is in play.

Drama Cards

They are now worth a Conviction Point

Up & Down Condition

Rolling Up or Down is now the same mechanic and flows a little better. Basically when under this condition, any Trait roll is made with an additional Trait Die. For Up, you take the highest roll. For Down, you take the lowest. The Wild Die is unaffected.