Man in the Moon 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber (MACE 2017)

Man in the Moon 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber (MACE 2017)

My Savage Reich Star game at MACE 2017.  Ice Station Schatzgräber. The crafts included the ruined New York City block (New York was nuked in 1942 in this timeline), the initiative Savage Skulls in use, and the pièce de résistance – the Ice Station V2 Launch Bay where the final battle occurred. A two table RPG event for Savage Saturday Night MACE 2017.

The launch bay is of course based on the map I found on DriveThruRPG …

I skipped the first encounter (Attack at the docks) and we still ran over about 45 minutes.  It played out perfectly.  It was so epic to see everything laid out on two tables.  So fun.  I killed two characters.  One was the Psychic who died physically but her metal essence was absorbed into the alien tech that powered the old Nazi gate.

One thing that I did add was another NPC in the mutant attack in New York.  While I did the standard group of mutants in their path encounter, I added an “exterminator” arriving at the end.  I wanted to have a drone come in and interrupt their combat but I did not have the drone minis.  So I used what I had.  I had this Nazi looking mini from either Heroclix or Horrclix – I don’t know, I have long since rebased it.  I used this to introduce the aspect of  Untergräuel.  Unfortunately, they thought that was key to the core plot when they found the Ice Station and guessed that was big baddie.  Imagine their surprise.


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