SDF HR Characters

SDF HR Characters
  • Captain Belmon ChandlerCaptain Belmon Chandler
    Human Captain of the Purgatory. Played by CJ Taylor
  • ChissaChissa
    Fraal Diplomat/Adept. Loyal to the Fraal and employer. Played by Dawson Kriska
  • Cole JacksonCole Jackson
    Human Soldier/Warrior played by Jimmy Ashley
  • Eda CreedEda Creed
    Human Pilot/Expert from Rigunmor Star Consortium, played by Nick Poulimas
  • KimaKima
    Yazirian Assassin/Expert, Loyal to his Yazirian Clan, played by Steve Gibbs
  • SpikeSpike
    Mechalus Tech played by Tim McCrary
  • The’Tha/RoswellThe'Tha/Roswell
    Z’Fraal (disguised as human) Medic/Mentalist, played by John Freeman
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