Shatterzone Tech (d6)

Shatterzone Tech (d6)

d6 Arsenal

Stats for Armor, Cyber, and Weapons Version 2.5


The equipment to follow took a lot to convert, but I think I got it pretty close. I’m going to leave it up to the GMs to limit how much of this stuff is in their SW universe. I would advise not having it all readily
available if you are in the Imperial Era. Since SZ is a cyber-opera game that has mega-corporation as a major part, I presented these with the megacorps from the SZ universe. I picture most of the corps are from the Corporate Sector, but they all don’t have to be. If you want more information about the corps, buy the SZ rule books (Universe Guide, in particular), to get the background.

All the Equipment here is drawn form the following books:

  • Shatterzone: The Universe Guide – Greg Farshtey, West End Games
  • Shatterzone: Arsenal – Sandy Addison, Sean Patrick Fannon, Brian Sean Perry, David Pulver, Ed Stark, West End Games
  • Shatterzone: Hardwear/Softwear – Elaine Hinman-Sweeney, Brian Sean Perry, West End Games

UPDATE: Now Available in PDF in the Downloads Section

Shatterzone Tech Conversions to d6

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