Trinoc*Con: Heroes & Villians

Trinoc*Con: Heroes & Villians

There was a lot I could have said during this discussion at T*C. It boiled down to a bunch of liberal pap, stating we’re all the same and all capable of evil. I do not doubt we are capable of evil but I firmly believe that we are not all the same and there are people predisposed to do evil acts. There is no way Stalin or Hitler are the same as me or my wife, for example.

Oddly, the one portion of discussion that stuck with me and made me want to post is a discussion about Star Wars Ep 3. I have been a very harsh critic of Star Wars Ep 1-3. In fact, I have offically “divorced” myself from Star Wars fandom and gaming because I just could not take the crap that Lucas put out the second time around.

A person in the audience asked about the scene in which Obi Wan adandoned his friend on that lava world while his “best friend burned”. He asked “Was that an act of a hero?” My response… No, its the act of a crappy writer. You can’t analyze the writing of the idiot that Lucas is. Yes, I said it. I know it sacriledge in fandom to say his name in vane, but it’s true (IMHO). What Lucas wrote was not indicative of human behanvior. It was just the quickest way he could get away from the crappy acting so he could get back to his lame-as* eye candy of over-used CGI.

So there I said it…

On a side note, there was a time that I could tell you exactly what world “that lava world was” because I was deep in the Star Wars Universe, but sadly Ep 1-3 simply pushed me to the point that I don’t care anymore

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