Advantage/Compensation System d20

Advantage/Compensation System d20


To follow is a combination of Advantage/Disadvantage systems from Shatterzone, Masterbook and a little from D6 and D6 Star Wars Alien Encounter sourcebook. It is all compiled into one comprehensive system that is compatible with the d20 Star Wars RPG system.  There were so many redeeming qualities about Shatterzone that I have used as the basis and the framework for this Advantage / Compensation system.

This system is intended to expand the character generations system of Star Wars d20, and further remove it away from the cooker-cutter tendencies the class system has. However, also, this system can be used to create original and customized aliens or mutants that are published in the Star Wars material.


The Advantages and Compensations, in following with the Shatterzone framework, are organized by “type.” There are Advantages and Compensations that affect your character’s Attributes and Skills (listed under “Numbers”), ones that depend on the character being an “alien” (under “‘Alien Abilities”) and more. Each Advantage type has a description for the category listed before the actual different advantages. They are just for organizational purposes, since I threw out the Masterbook Columnar organization.

The point costs are suggested point costs and some have compensation recommendations.

Star Wars d20 A/C System