Saint Sinner Part 1

Saint Sinner Part 1

I resurrected one of my first concepts in my College Year – Conildra Tatil, the prison city.

Part 1: Khan of End – I am the Omega

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Saint Sinner 1


Pursuing Dramius leads the PCs through the frontier, running into many of his protective customers.  These encounters will starts on the planet Outer Reach, system Dramune, City: End (use Prison City map). PCs will have to go through the city searching for Dramius.

Dramius has connections with several of the clans of END; usually all business, some stronger than others.  He has taken refuge with the Gladiators, after a delivery of smuggled liquor and other legal stimulants.  He now is planning to pick up a load of weapons and stolen medical supplies at the Devil’s Corp.  He only deals with the Devil’s Corp to get what he needs. The load of weapons he is carrying was stolen from MultiTech.  MultiTech security is on planet looking for him.  A group of [Sovereignty of Man] Military Intelligence Agents are also chasing Dramius down, because of his connection with the Narusian resistance.  The MI Agents will stop at nothing to bring Dramius into custody.

Dramius was also hired to smuggle a special artifact for the Clan of the Abyss, which he has not delivered. The artifact is an old religious item  once held by the [Sovereignty of Man] religion called the High Thinkers, an exclusive mentalist cult, centering on the soul expansion through the mental power.  The item, the Soul’s Heart, is a powerful mentalist focus – enhances the power focused through it.

The High Thinkers can be militant, if they need to be.  They too are on planet, seeking the return of their item.  Dramius has the Soul’s Heart and is considering asking for more money. He has also been too busy to deal with it.  The profits from the trade would buy more weapons for the cause he supports.


formerly Conildra Tatil

System: Dramune

Planet: Outer Reach


  • INDEPENDENTS: Since the collapse and the resulting clan wars and unrest, the Independents (Indies) became much more militant and organized.  They have become a strong advocate of the victimization of the citizens of End by the corporation.  The Indies often are responsible for savage terrorist raids against corporate convoys.  Because of the lack of a space port, the corporates are forced to either shuttle out cargo by air or by land in convoys.  Both are prime targets.
  • CORPORATIONS in END: Corporations, since the second Collapse, have picked up their victimization of the people in End.  They took over the security perimeter from Star Law and upgraded it.  It is a better prison that ever before.  Star Law, at times, hands over a few new citizens for End.
  • Several StarLaw weapons cache have been found, compromised, and stripped, by STRIKE FORCE OMEGA or [The Black Guild (as part of their arms deal with Dramius)]
  • Recently a Kzin has become supreme leader of the Gladiators – MOROSH POKTI IRRESH
  • Shri’ikk are the primary reason for the 2nd reign of the Clan of the Abyss – they have gained control, with the help of a renegade RAVER.
  • Central area – Called the Arena, is considered holy ground by the locals; because most of the battles were fought on this ground during the Collapse.   No arms or blood will be spilled on that ground, by order of the Khan.
  • The Bizarre – a multi level strip of shops, markets, etc. where all clan members can meet under truce.  8 levels of shacks, connected by catwalks, ropes, etc.



PCs will find out that after the collapse of the first Clan of the Abyss (caused by the actions of John Flamor, ten to twelve years ago) the city had entered a period of severe unrest. The Clan’s hold of control was broken.  But “up from the ashes” came a leader; one that reunited all the clans, including the Clan of the Abyss. It will be difficult to get to the leader.  He is rarely seen, but is said to be an oversized Yazirian – (this should attract PCs attention, connecting him to past encounters with Girrillian).

The KHAN of END, they call him, is guarded by elite troops, volunteered from each of the clans, bound by honor to protect the Khan. Each guard are in separate parts of the city, where the Khan commonly stays.  He is currently working to establish a capital and work against the corporate victimization of the city.  (Corporations want him dead.)  They will also discover the Khan’s name (or alias) – DASHREL MOROK.

Players will find that the Khan is a clone of Girrillian .  What they don’t know is that this is a defective clone; one which rebelled against its creator to start a life of his own, in hiding on Outer Reach.  Dashrel has separated himself from the pack of Girrillian’s clone, breaking the chain hold the crime lord has on all of his clones.   This hold involved a n implant that suppressed the will of the clone enough to make them subservient.   If they try to break away, the device would normally kill any clone that strayed.  It should have killed Dashrel, if it hadn’t been for the workings of a genetic scientist, a former employee of Wartech, named Dr. Jamus Arlington-Welles, a defector from the [Sovereignty of Man] and now in hiding, accused of espionage, on Outer Reach.

Dr. Jamus Arlington-Welles was framed, as it turns out, by Girrillian, as part of a series of frames in Wartech.  Girrillian is making a move to control Wartech.  Arlington was in espionage for the Genetics Engineering Division of Wartech.  He is a former Gengineer from the Imperial Marines during the Third Sathar War; worked to fight the bioweapons the Siriusian onslaught brought about.  Arlington was working under cover with Wartech to investigate a way to spot the real Girrillian.  Girrillian paid the right people and arranged for Arlington to be framed, while in the process successfully acquired the Aauron project information which Arlington was accused of.  Arlington wants revenge against specific Wartech execs and Girrillian himself.  He went to Outer Reach to hide and ended up in worse situations.  He was contacted by the stray clone not long afterwards, and through his knowledge of Girrillians cloning procedures, he was able to defeat the chemical dependency the stray had.



The PCs need Dramius.  The Khan “knows all” and the PCs can get information about any dealings going on in End from the Khan. The Khan:  Wants Arlington-Welles freed from the Indies.  “The Khan owes him one.”  The PCs can only seem to contact the assistant – TASHEL QUE’TI [Que’Sha] –  and she makes the deal  “You free Arlington-Welles, we’ll give you Dramius.” PCs should not find out the exact nature of the Khan until after the assistant has hired them.

Why should PCs get involved?  PCs should be tempted to free Jamus for his abilities and knowledge, upon finding out that not only can he corrupt the clone army, but also knows how to find the real Girrillian.

Required Encounter #1: ARLINGTON BREAK

How to get in? There are many ways in to the Independent compound –

  • Sewers and secret tunnel
  • Air drop at night by mere pilots
  • Through holes in their security perimeter
  • Down stream of small streams feeding the river
  • Posing as Indies, going along with the trade caravan


The fundamental hardcore Indies are unaware at the faction that has allied with REMIS WARMACHINE MANUFACTURERS.  There is a a small faction in Indies society that is dissatisfied with the current Indie leadership. REMIS offered military assistance for an internal overthrow of the current leadership.  In exchange, the underground Indies will capture Arlington-Welles and hold him while Remis Intel expert interrogate.  The rebellious Indies call themselves STRIKE FORCE OMEGA; they are a small group of military soldiers, some officers in charge of the training ground.  They need REMIS for strength.  They currently meet in the old steam/gas run-off tunnels under the encampment.

The REMIS Intel agents have secretly infiltrated the Indies and have recently contacted STRIKE FORCE OMEGA.


Strike Force Omega may meet up with the intel agents while the PCs are in the Steam Tunnels.


In tunnels below.

  • Corporate gen-gineering dumping
  • Disease, etc., local fauna/flora

HOSTAGE ARLINGTON-WELLES:  Arlington is being held deep within the training facility of the Indies.


After the rescue Arlington-Welles and are handed over Dramius.


Just as the PCs are leaving DASHREL to go to their ship, someone attempts to assassinate DASHREL and all others in the room – including Dramius.  Six assassins – in armor, on a jetcopter, well armed – experts in melee and martial arts.


The entire attack force is a Wartech special missions security team.  A PC would have to examine their weapon and/or equipment to determine this.  One or two of them still have their Wartech “dog tags,” despite explicit instructions not to carry them.

On the surface, it looks like a simple assassination attempt by an angered corporation; retaliation for Drashel’s stance against the corporation.  This is what the mastermind of the assassination attempt assumed everyone would think.  But what this mastermind (a Wartech executive on Outer Reach) does not know is that the Khan was holding secret peace meetings with War Tech, in an attempt to establish a more symbiotic relationship between the city and its megacorps.  Only a few people knew of these meetings.  So, the PCs being told this may wonder why would a megacorp risk losing a more profitable situation just for one being’s life.

In actuality, the Wartech executive mastermind, a Vrusk by the name of ESHICK CLARISK is a part of the growing Wartech/Girrillian faction; a large group of Wartech investors and execs that support the Girrillian attempted take over of Wartech.  Through this faction, Girrillian was able to find out about Khan Dashrel and plan operation Prodigle Son; the plan to kill all stray Girrillian clones.

The Eshick waited, and tried to kill 2 birds with one large stone.  It’s up to the PCs to save both birds (Arlington-Welles and Dashrel).


All factions converge on this attack, giving DRAMIUS a chance to escape.  He grabs an aircar he had hidden and initiates a car chase through the city, until he flies his car into the cargo bay of his ship piloted by RYAN his droid.

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