The Prison City of End

The Prison City of End

This was obviously influenced by Escape from New York but before the notion of “CIA black sites” but that’s really what it was.


Download PDF MAP, Photoshopped from original hand-drawing

System: Dramune
Planet: Outer Reach
City: End (formerly the City of Conildra Tatil)

Conildra Tatil was settled by a group of early Frontier Settlers before the orginal Decline of Outer Reach. It thrived as a local hub of ground taffic and river traffic, until the Great Decline early in the Frontiers history.

The Great Decline was the period of time for Outer Reach when crime and corruption took over, and the planet became the heart of crime in the Frontier. As the planet continued to plummet into depravity, Star Law initiated a secret plan to establish shadow prisons on the planet. Conildra Tatil was sited as a perfect place for this prison – code-named Damnation Imprisoned. The plan was to incarcerate special criminals secretly and hold them in the city through the covert security system that was established and maintained by a special branch of the Silver Twin unit, called the Boilers. The Covert Security System would set up a secure perimeter around the city, and capture any one violating that perimeter. Star Law would then use memory implants to make the victim think they had left the city, and release them back into the city after a determined length of time. This seemed to work until corruption infected even the deepest parts of the Security Unit assigned there.

Star Law approved (through some hidden-prodding by the corporation) certain corporation into the city and establish corporate centers. Only Wartech, GTF, and Remis Warmachines seemed interested. It was not openly spoken of, but still well known that these corps were interested in recriuting and testing potential for special prototype projects that required a certain type of test (in-field testing). Star Law allowed it, and so no one questioned it.

The society within the city continued to thrive in its own dark and corrupt way. It first started to fragment into clans. Some clans began to clash, during which Star Law sentenced more and more to Tatil, hoping they would get caught in the cross fire. After some time, certain clans arose as the dominant ones and claimed their own part of the city. Each clan recruited from the fragments of the dead and defeated clans. As Star Law added more, the clans grew. Some clans grew off of the major ones (namely the Independents). Others stayed away from the clans and are considered nomads of Tatil, hiding in the ruins of the old settlement houses or the under ground passageways that were left from the early colonization. Nomads are discouraged and considered untrustworthy by all alligned with a clan.

The Collapse followed a long period of internal tention within the city. The clans plotted against each other in plans for total unrest. Suddenly, the tentions exploded into uncontrolable riots and clan wars just after the apparent collapse of the Clan of the Abyss, a dark mental powered clan based around a very mysterious alien religion. It was rumored that the Abyss mentalist had accessed avenues of mental power never before attempted, and they had gained control of all the clans through this power. However, after a series of mysterious and unexplained explosions with in the depths of the Abyss domain, the clans warred and this was labeled as the Collapse. This war was unlike any other. The primary weapons were within the Outlaw Netrix that had been established behind Star Law’s back. The atrocities were nightmarish. The deaths were never officially accounted for.

Despite the war, the corporations held tight to their positions. When there was talk of Star Law abandoning the project, the corporations jumped at the opportunity. They jointly bought the project and took over the Covert Security Perimeter. The corporations divided out the city into territories, and attempted to take control of the city. In doing, they found many more opportunities to test out new equipment and train new and specialized security teams. Peace within the city of Conildra Tatil seemed very far off.

However, much to the corps disappointment, peace did come to the city, along with a new leader and a new name. He was called the Khan, and the city was renamed End; the Khan of End. The Khan mysterious arose from the dark streets of Tatil. Records do not show that he was sentenced to the city, rather he arrived to the city on his own accord. Hard core Khaners (follower of the Khan) say he was sent to End to save it from assured destruction. His following grew as he proved to the people they were being used and manipulated by the corporations. He became the icon of freedom to a people that didn’t know they were imprisoned. He reunited the clans together again; even the shattered Clan of the Abyss, who were slowly but surely regaining some semblance of power. This is the state of the city up to this date. What lies ahead is now in the hands of the Khan.

The following is a list of the known clans that still exist in End and their clan tatoo: