Saint Sinner Part 2

Saint Sinner Part 2

United We Stand

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Saint Sinner 2


It is presumed that Dramius has escaped and is on the run.  If not, the GM needs to devise some reason why the players would come here.  Perhaps Dramius persuades them or makes a deal. If he is still on the run, the Khan of End has information that will lead the PCs to this next step.


The KHAN also explains there is a faction forming made up of fragments of the corporations and businesses Girrillian has destroyed.  He feels that the PCs will cross paths with this faction at some point.  BAKASH is a [Skaniis] legendary hero figure, with origins similar to the Earth Pheonix legend.


In orbit around Rupert’s Hole, it is primarily a human world.  They suspect that Dramius is on the station, picking up some kind of cargo. CDC owned station and primary port for trading in the agricultural world of Rupert’s Hole.  The station is home to many rich farm families and subsidiary companies that own land on the planet.

Many human family traditions hold strong – almost Amish-like (hiding many secrets).  They have strange religious worship customs and shun speaking with aliens.  All the members of this human farm society drew alike and groom alike.  They call themselves the UNITED.


Dramius is on the CASSIDINE TRADING STATION to pick up a group of passengers – 8 Saurians.  The Saurians are all members of the Warriors of Sor, a disbanded order of warriors from Timeon IV.

Dramius will hide among the United, not knowing their full story.

Some [Sovereignty of Man] Marines and Intelligence Agents followed Dramius to the space station.  The Agents have infiltrated the United as well.  They are lead by Colonel Masterson.



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