Savage Shatterzone Cybernetics

Savage Shatterzone Cybernetics

Use the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion for rules on installation, cyber strain, etc.

System Toughness

System Toughness represents the strength of the system to withstand damage. If cybered character takes a wound or more, his cyber system also may take damage. The character compare the damage taken – i.e the damage after the characters physical Toughness – to the the System Toughness. For every 4 points beyond the System Toughness, the Cyberware suffers a Malfunction.

System Toughness is based on Manufacturer and can be increased via some integrity add ons.


There are 5 primary manufacturers of Cybernetics. Gamemasters can assume that each of these corporations have similar products. Brodie has their own version of NetWorld’s SuperSight, NetWorld has a Hunter module, etc. For cost purposes, assuming NetWorld as the base, Brodie will be 30% more expensive than NetWorld and Furtherman will only be 15% more expensive. Testron and McGinley are about 10% cheaper than Networld. In general, cybernetic lines are not cross-compatible. Some underground hack shops have been able to get some lines to work with others, but it’s risky.

Mega-corpNotesSystem Toughness
BrodieHigher cost, better quality, primarily available in the Core. 6
NetworldGenerally, Networld sets the standard for cyberware. 5
FurthermanFurtherman are commonly in the Near Colonies.4
TestronCheaper knock-offs of Networld from a generic engineering company.4
McGinleyTrying to compete directly with Brodie.4


2Minor Glitch – function at reduced efficiency for this round.
3-4Glitch – function at reduced efficiency until fixed
5-9Major Glitch
10-11System Failure
12System Shutdown

SavSZ Cybernetics

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