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SYSTEM: Call of Cthulhu 7e DATE: 2017-01-28 I was not entirely satisfied with the way this one went.  Maybe I needed more prep time but the group never got to a point that made them want to stay on board and …

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SYSTEM: Call of Cthulhu 7e Cool little adventure that is very similar to the one I ran in generic modern Savage Worlds.  This one had a cool monster that only a few characters can see.  The central premise is to …

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From the Dead Reckonings Sourcebook (converted to CoC 7e) Pre-Game Read and Prep I am planning on running this on Dark Rivals for one of my game day events, RonCon.  I picked it relatively randomly although I like the “caught in …

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Setting/System: 1920s USA/Call of Cthulhu 7e I ran this at RonCon Spring 2015 in 7th edition CoC.  It was a blast. The basic premise deals with a source of illegal whiskey somewhere in the backwoods of Massachusetts.  I did not …

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System/Setting: Savage Worlds/Achtung! Cthulhu Ran this at RonCon Fall 2014.  Very cool adventure but hard to fit into a 4 hour session. Because the players have multiple identities, a lot of prep work is needed. My review of this adventure …

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System/Setting: Realms of Cthulhu/Achtung Cthulhu An excellent adventure that I worked hard to make a 4 hour session game.  I ran it first at RonCon Spring 2014, then MACE West 2014, and then all year in other cons in 2014 …

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System/Setting: CoC 6e/World War II Eastern Europe This was my follow up adventure to Good Night Vienna from the same supplement.  I was not as pleased with this adventure in terms of action and horror.  I think it relied too …

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System/Setting: CoC 6e/USA 1920s From Blood Brother’s supplement.  Little modification was made to this adventure.  I had a blast running this at a RonCon and StormCon.   Share List

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System/Setting: CoC 6e/World War II, North Africa From The Shadows of War adventure supplement (PDF).  This was a phenomenal experience.  One of the best games I have ever run at MACE.  Good adventure, grounded in real world experiences.  I even …

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System/Setting: CoC 6th/1920s USA Ran a revised version of this adventure.  I did not feel like the introduction made any sense to me, given the time period and other factors.  So I changed it and the adventure evolved considerably. Ran …

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