Free RPG Day: Dungeon Crawl Classics & XCrawl is a new Free RPG Day Adventure Booklet from Goodman Games. One of the more surprising things about this year’s Free RPG Day was the amount of free full size books it contained. One of those books was the complete Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG core rulebook, which is no small book. That book is reviewed separately on this web site. I only mention that because this booklet – Free RPG Day: Dungeon Crawl Classics & XCrawl – contains no rules and in fact contains adventures for two separate settings.

So I really don’t play very many RPGs anymore, but with the “old school renaissance” happening I’ve found myself checking RPGs out more and more. After much “huzzahs” and “hey nonny nonnies” from my friend about Dungeon Crawl Classics or DCC, I decided to check it out for myself. When you first see the book, don’t let its size intimidate you, although I still wouldn’t recommend dropping it on your foot. The book is basically everything you need to play. It’s player’s manual, bestiary and magic tome rolled all into one. DCC definitely takes its cue from the original D&D and AD&D, but without THACO.