Month: April 2019

11.0 – Volturnus: Across the Underworld River

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10.0 – Volturnus: Through the looking glass

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Orthocone Craft

Took the Star War: The Force Awakens Rathtar toy – a disaster of a toy but great for crafting – added a Halloween eyeball, and made a water creature for the Volturnus campaign.  Used the Orthocone stats from Savage Worlds Science Fiction

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The Zethra of Volturnus

There was no species I disliked more than the Zethra, introduced some time ago in a Dragon magazine (Dragon Magazine, issue #84, by Ed Greenwood).  I really did not like their look so much that I did not even bother

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Savage Reich Star: New trilogy in the works – Fallen Angels

I have been trying to hammer out a sequel to the previous trilogy of adventures in Savage Reich Star.   There is so much material left to cover that I have always thought I could up with at least one more

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A Light in the Darkness, a Keeper’s Review

I asked the Call of Cthulhu RPG Facebook group for some one-shot suggestions, and this lead me to two suggestions.   I was really looking for something different and fun and these two really stood out.  One was Moonglow by John A. Almack

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