Month: March 2019

09.0 – Volturnus: The Gate and the Guardian

Obtaining the location of the Gate to the backdoor of the Outpost, the party embarks on a trek to the fabled Valley of the Titans.  Travelling along the north edge of the desert, the party encounters more sand sharks, shovel

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Quickdeath Craft

From a Dollar Store Tiger and Snakes, I made the classic Star Frontiers Quickdeath – Savage Worlds Sized!  

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The Tower – Resistance is not futile

For a resistance movement to exist and thrive like the Tower, progress has to be made against their enemy, no matter how noticeable it is.   A resistance movement must have victories to continue to exist and it’s message continue to

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Savage Reich Star 08.1: Characters (SWADE)

Modelling after The Last Parsec and JumpCorp, I want to create a convention with in Savage Reich Star that places the characters as members of the resistance at the start.  I want to build a structure that gives the character’s

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Star Trek: Ascendancy (MACE West 2019)

This is a very fun game but I did not enjoy playing the Klingons.  They are a hard race to play because you are forced to attack and the consequences of attack can be harsh. I played the Klingons and

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Savage Worlds Flash Gordon: Dive of Doom (MACE West 2019)

DATE: March 1-3, 2019 I am pretty sure this is the last time I’ll be running this.  This was a very fun game to run the 4 or 5 times I did.  Everyone ended well, in different ways.  This one

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Savage Reich Star 07.1: Skills, Edges & Hindrances (SWADE)

These are based on Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules.  Hindrances Outsider Outsider is a more prominent than in the world of Savage Reich Star.  In the Reich, it applies to anyone not considered undesirable or Minder.  In most cases, this

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Savage Reich Star 06.1: Psychic Abilities (SWADE)

Psychic Ability in Savage Reich Star is slightly different then Psionics from the core book, because of the level of subtlety.  The Reich and the Empire are still studying the powers of the mind and have not tapped it entirely.

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