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Mongonian Alliance of Courageous Executors (Flash Gordon RPG)

The team was formed from a rag-tag group of freemen from all over Mongo.  Commissioned directly Princess Admira of Tropica, this group was hurriedly formed to perform on secret missions for her royal highness in her effort to support the

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Savage MasterDeck

MasterDeck conversion into Savage Worlds Introduction: The Method to My Madness The reasoning behind this is simple. To merge what I thought were the redeeming qualities of MasterBook into the Savage Worlds Game system.  It gives the Savage Worlds System

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Savage Sedition Wars: The Strain

Infection Counters, Nano-spores, and Exogenesis These are terms that used to represent conversion to a Strain Infected.  Every token a person gains represents an infection by the Strain .  It represents the number of successes a person must obtain when

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Savage Herculoids

START: 2017-01-05 Had an idea for a one-shot in the Herculoids world, and including some of the cool bad guys.  Still formulating the idea, may have to binge watch some episodes to get it all figured out. Savage Herculoids Posts

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Battle for Oz: The Nagayan

The Lost Tribe of Mu, The Nomads of the Night, Tribe of Shadows, Tribe of Dusk or the Night Rovers. Known as the Nagayan, these people are the most allusive and secretive of the Eastern Trackless Lands.  They travel nomadically

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Battle for Oz: The Wind Wardens

The Wind Wardens The Rangers of the North The Trackless Lands are a dangerous and wondrous place.  It is a place notorious for being difficult to navigate.  Many who dare trek these lands are commonly lost, never to be found

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