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Here we go again, second verse same as the first.  A nut-job gets of a gun (legally) and shoots up a bunch of high school students.  My heart goes not to the victim’s families and the town in general.  It …

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There are no words that can express the sorrow and despair I feel for those in that small town in Texas and this country as a whole.  Between Charlottesville riots (not a shooting, but still), Las Vegas, the New York …

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First and foremost, what happened in Orlando was horrible.  My heart and prayers go out to those affected directly and Orlando as a whole.  I also pray for this country for healing.  This attack has not united us like 9-11 …

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Mass shootings is the new thing, apparently – although many forget that “going postal” was a thing in the ’70s and ’80s because of mass shootings taking place in post offices.  Regardless of our own short memories, the most recent …

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Yet again, we have another nutcase that goes into a place we thought would be a safe haven and murders a bunch of people. His motivations this time are known, though, and he makes no bones about it. He hates. …

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There are apparently people that are associating this nut case who killed nearly 100 people in Norway this past week, with the American Tea Party Movement. I suppose the original perpetrators of the Tea Party would be compared to terrorists …

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My sister and many of our cousins and friends went to Va Tech. There is no explaining a madman. You just have to look up in faith and remember it’s in His hands. Never forget them. Share List

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